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JOE & THE JUICE is much more than juice, coffee & sandwiches. We are highly passioned people that love what we do! We offer a great work environment where you can develop your own abilities in a diverse culture. By working at JOE & THE JUICE you become part of a great family that welcomes all individuals with open arms. Watch some of our employees from around the world provide their view on working at JOE & THE JUICE. Join our family now - you won't regret it!



Juicer, 21 years

"You have the chance to make a difference at your work place by being positive, inspiring your colleagues and being a brand ambassador every day. The fact that you meet so many different people, develops you as a person and develops your personality as well."

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Shift Manager, 24 years

"We show how to lead the way and show others how things are done. For me, the perk of being a shift manager, is that you learn that all people are not the same - everyone is different. You need to take an individual approach with the new juicers, show them the JOE ambience. Being a shift manager teaches me quite a lot. Especially the part of working with people because what you learn from that you can bring with you in your future career. For me the role is a blast."

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Bar Manager, 26 years

"The bar manager in in charge of the store. We have to lead and develop our team. The way I do it, is through team meetings and personal communication. It is very important to talk to the juicers and understand their problems, difficulties or trouble with their training. As a bar manager, you are the one that your Regional Manager trusts to operate the store at an optimal level. That is why I think the position is one of the most important in the company."

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Regional Manager, 28 years

"When you are a bar manager, you learn how to perform with your team. As a regional manager, you learn how to perform through other people. Dealing with KPI’s and juicer training, you have to be very human as a regional manager - you cannot be indifferent. You have to be a responsible mentor. I think that giving both bar managers, shift managers and juicers a purpose for working in JOE is part of being a regional manager. You come to work with a purpose, and not just for a paycheck."

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We aim to establish a robust talent pipeline to meet the increasing demand for skilled and dedicated leaders and specialized positions, whether you aspire to build your career domestically or internationally. We are committed to educating and developing our workforce, facilitating continuous progression through the Moneyball for everyone who wants to be part of our journey.

The Moneyball serves as our career path system, providing transparent opportunities for personal and professional growth. It defines positions and expectations across markets, ensuring equal compensation for the same job without biases.

We strive to shape our organization through our Moneyball, where each position evolves from being a steppingstone to becoming a milestone that enhances internal retention and external attraction.  

Get an overview of our Moneyball system and read the descriptions for each career level below:




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As a Trainee, you will be welcomed by your Bar Manager and friendly colleagues. During your training, you will learn about Joe & The Juice and its history and culture, as well as be tested on basic requirements like the product manual and hygiene test.

You'll gain practical experience making sandwiches, juices, and coffees and learn to manage the till and handle customer interactions.

You will quickly be an essential part of a team where teamwork is a big priority.

As you combine theory and practice, your overall competence and confidence will grow over time – trust the process.


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As a Juicer, you are not just an employee, but a brand ambassador for the company.

Once you’ve passes your Juicer Performance Shift, you'll become officially Juicer Qualified, allowing you to take shifts at any store, any time of day.

As a JQ, you'll be a role model, inspiring new employees to master product-making at all stations by keeping all the good habits you’ve learned through your training.

Your role is all about providing the ultimate JOE experience for guests and team members to enjoy, which is why you'll follow the store's Daily Concept Workflow to maintain a clean and welcoming environment at all times.


Shift Manager

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As a Shift Manager, you are responsible for providing assistance to the Bar Manager, teaching and developing other employees, and delegating tasks while communicating to ensure great performance.

You'll learn how to maintain the store's cleanliness, hygiene procedures, and overall appearance of the store. Furthermore, you will learn to master stock handling procedures by following the first in, first out methodology. Your focus will be on achieving a low waste and ensuring an efficient operation.

As a Shift Manager, you'll have an opportunity to explore and develop leadership skills and make a impactful contribution to the team's overall performance.


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As a Bar Manager, you will lead by example and oversee daily operations in your very own store through BTC.

You will train and develop your team to provide high-quality products and great guest experiences, driving further growth and strong KPI’s for the store.

Your goal is to ensure an engaged workforce, satisfied guests, and strong financial performance through clear expectations and a smooth DCWF for your team to trust and follow.

You will learn to master shift planning skills to uphold a healthy life balance for your team to thrive in. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and stock handling is essential, and you'll follow up on the team performance through effective communication in both 1:1 meetings and staff meetings.

The BM role provides an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership skills and gain experience in team performance management.

Regional Manager

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As a Regional Manager, you will take charge of multiple stores and have the responsibility of leading and developing people in accordance with our company's virtues.

With your expertise in both people and operational skills, you will demonstrate exceptional situational leadership by adapting your approach based on the situation you are in. Through coaching and mentoring, you will show a significant presence and influence in all of the stores and among the teams in your Region and Bar Managers in your care.

The role also requires a structured and convenient team performance overview and an ongoing effort to plan and build a pipeline of talent, ensuring high performance across all stores.

The RM role gives a unique opportunity to take lead in creating a healthy and dynamic work environment with high employee engagement and a strong company culture across a whole Region. The environment will inspire and motivate teams to build strong social ties and have a meaningful experience at Joe & The Juice.


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As an Area Manager, you play a vital role in guiding and leading a team of Regional Managers to achieve high performance across multiple stores in several different Regions. With your expertise and leadership, you will lead, guide, mentor and develop leaders in your care to ensure success.

With a deep understanding of the business, you set high expectations and follow up to ensure stores reach their targets. Furthermore, you will have an inclusive mindset and incorporate bottom-up information and provide top-down information to create transparency in your leadership approach and provide meaning to all Juicers and their contributions in their work.

The AM role gives an excellent opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of the business and improve employee engagement and operational performance across your workforce. As the extended hand to the market management, you will be a key player in making a significant impact.



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In this role, you'll collaborate with different teams to implement new barista training courses and ensure staffing needs are met across locations with support from Regional Managers.

You'll coordinate training schedules with coffee roasters, regional managers, and equipment suppliers. Your responsibilities include inspiring and educating juicers to maintain quality and standards, assisting with the installation of data collection devices on espresso machines and monitoring machine data to troubleshoot issues.

Additionally, you'll support new product launches, stay updated on coffee trends, and focus on enhancing coffee sales while addressing guest feedback.


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As Trainer, you're responsible for training entry-level staff, ensuring adherence to training protocols, and developing efficient workflows for high-quality training experiences in collaboration with the Market Manager.

Guest Engager

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As guest engager, you will play a crucial role in assisting customers with transitioning from traditional in-store processes to the Joe & the Juice APP.

Your primary responsibility will be to convert our customers to the app, and how to use the app effectively to enhance their shopping experience. This role combines customer engagement and excellent customer service skills to ensure a smooth transition for customers

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