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Fast track to manager

the programme

Do you think you have what it takes to rise rapidly through our organization and become a Bar Manager or Regional Manager in a matter of weeks?

We are looking for hard working and dedicated individuals who are ready to “Fast Track” their careers. If you have previous experience or tangible skills within the food & beverage industry, you may be suitable for this programme. We will ensure you receive all the necessary floor experience and understanding of the JOE & THE JUICE culture and structures before becoming a manager in just 11 weeks.


from juicer to regional manager

WEEK 0-2

Juicer level


Shift manager level

WEEK 4-7

Bar manager level

WEEK 8-9

Bar manager senior level

WEEK 10-11

regional manager level

WEEK 11-

the next level
product making and sop


Understand the core procedures of the JOE & THE JUICE brand.
cleaning and stock handling


Learn our cleaning and stock handling procedures.
shift planning, optics & training


Learn the 3 operational pillars that drive results in our stores.


Practice your skills and ability to drive low-performing stores to new heights.
connecting the dots


Connect the dots between all of your previous training and get to know the day-to-day of a Regional Manager in JOE & THE JUICE
the final product


You are now a fully-fledged Regional Manager. Now it is up to you to make the most of your time with JOE & THE JUICE. Never stop taking it to the next level!

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we don't blame you!

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