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We have always been about coffee, juice and much more. In JOE & THE JUICE, “a Juicer” is not a machine! We focus 100% on people! Our fundamental purpose is to build a contemporary educational platform for how to prepare all people of our movement for a healthy life filled with aspiration and meaning. Because the world has changed, and what the world needs has changed. We continuously strive to become betterand better at igniting and inspiring everyone across the planet to every day increase their focus on realizing their potential and forming strong social ties to each other. We aim to become one of the most preferred educational institutions recognized and respected by families in generations to come. A JOE & THE JUICE University of Passion & Personal growth.

We want to be a family of life lovers, nutrition fanatics, coffee aficionados, hardworking idealists, and adventurers joining ties within our discipline of work, experiencing personal growth and professional development. We want to be ultimately diverse in our approach to the world, and we invite anyone, never to be limited by anyone’s background, who can accept our fundamental purpose, goals and disciplines.

We strive to develop a culture that delivers an unseen level of meaningfulness in the intersection between our people and our workplace.

We do not believe in entitlement – we believe in opportunity! We believe in the power of discipline, responsibility and precision to fuel individuality with humanity. We exist to inspire all people of our movement to everyday be as different as they want – but to never be indifferent. We aim to create a space of intimacy with family ties that makes you feel at home. When you really try, but fail, we forgive. This is what we call INCLUSION.

At JOE & THE JUICE the value of money and accomplishment depends on how it’s earned. With great respect and focus on our legacy, we build and grow our business to constantly invest in improving our educational platformand making a healthy impact on the planet as we expand our movement and spirit.

Therefore, as we measure our operational performance, we equally want to become better and better at measuring meaningfulness, as the level of meaning working for JOE & THE JUICE gives to the life of our Juicers, and – eventually – everybody within our movement.

We enjoy being ambitious in all areas of our efforts, and we are vain about the quality we deliver and the positions we keep. We want to be proud of everything we offer, and the attitude with which we offer it.If one day, this mindset is a global standard, we truly believe the world has become a better place!

We are JOE & THE JUICE, and we are all about people. We want to be nothing short of WORLD- FAMOUS, and one day, we will be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!
Kaspar Basse, Founder