Learn everything you need to know about the features in our app. Become a maestro of the Joe App!

Fast track

how to pre-order

Select the store you want to visit.
Choose your products
Scroll through the menu and choose your products. When you are done, tap the bag in the bottom of the screen.
your order
Choose pick-up time and proceed to payment. Pay with either loyalty cards or credit card.
Receive a notification when the order is ready.
Your order
Get your order at the App Pick Up  wall in the selected store!

wanna have your joe delivered?

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how to scan & pay

Order with the juicer working behind the bar.
Click the qr code
Located in the bottom right corner of your homepage.
Scan the qr code
Place your QR code in front of the reader by the card terminal.
confirm your order
When your order overview comes up, choose your desired payment option and 'confirm'.
Your order is being made
The Juicers are on it! Sit back, relax, and your order will be ready in a bit...

your points will be reset every year

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how to buy and use a loyalty card

go to "buy cards"
From the "Cards" tab from the main navigation menu, go to the "Buy Cards" tab.
choose your card
After selecting your desired Loyalty Card, choose your payment method and click buy card!
use it at checkout
Redeem an item by selecting it at checkout!

our app is built around points

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Homepage buttons

This button will take you back to the homepage.
Click to get an overview of your loyalty card portfolio or expand it by buying new cards.
This button will take you straight to the pre-ordering screen. Conveniently placed in the middle :)
If you are a regular that likes to keep things simple, this button will make it easier for you to get your daily Joe fix! Use this button to re-order previous orders.
If you order in-store use this button to take your payment through the app to make sure you earn your points

How to use the inbox

When should i use it?
Whenever you have a question, comment or even general feedback you can write in the inbox. It is the most efficient way to get into contact with us.
Where do i find it?
On your profile page.
How do i use it
Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner to start writing your message. We encourage that you attach an image if relevant.
We will be in touch asap!
One of our finest Customer Service employees will be in contact with you ASAP.

looking for a discount?

Check out loyalty cards

other features

tier level info button
Click this button in the top left of the homepage to view information about tier levels and benefits.
Profile button
Click this button to view your profile. On your profile page you will find all general settings and everything from order history to payment methods.