Q: Why is Joe & The Juice partnering with Clinique?

A: Clinique was looking for a like-minded brand to partner with for the launch of their new Fresh Pressed products. Since both JOE & THE JUICE and Clinique offer a custom-fit experience to their customers and prioritize the importance of freshness in their products – it was a perfect fit!

Q: What is Clinique’s Fresh Pressed?

A: It’s two skin care product - a Daily Booster and Cleanser that deliver fresh vitamin-C

Q: Is the vitamin C in Clinique’s Fresh Pressed actually “fresh”?

A: Absolutely – both products have specialized stay-fresh packaging that isolates the vitamin-C until the first use.

Q: Who is Clinique Fresh Pressed recommended for?

A: Anyone really. Although it’s a de-aging product, it also makes your skin look brighter after the first use – who wouldn’t want that?

Q: Where can I buy Clinique’s Fresh Pressed products?

A: Either online at or in-store at a Clinique counter

Q: If I drink juices that are high in vitamin-C, isn’t that enough for my skin?

A: Just drinking juices with vitamin-C really isn’t enough because neither your body nor your skin can produce vitamin-C so you should use skin care products that have vitamin-C in it too

Q: How did Joe & The Juice come up with the recipe for the “Fresh Pressed” juice?

A: It was inspired by Clinique’s Fresh Pressed product. We wanted to create a juice with a high amount of vitamin-C, that was orange like the packaging!

Q: How long are you selling the “Fresh Pressed” juice for? 

A: 3 months

Q: What is the “7-Day Challenge” that I’ve seen on social media?

A: Clinique has partnered with influencers who are using the Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin-C 10% for 7 days. The influencers were asked to post a video on day 1 of the challenge to followers can see a “before” image of the influencer. The influencer then posts an “after” video on day 7, sharing their results after using the product for just 7 days.


Store list of this collaboration: 

Denmark: March 15th 


Kgs. Nytorv

Magasin Århus

Magasin Odense

Magasin Lyngby

Magasin Rødovre

CPH Airport - Terminal 3

CPH Airport Tax Free


Australia: March 1st

Pitt Street


UK: March 1st

Grand Central Station Birmingham

Regent Street

Wigmore Street





Market Street

Clapham Junction

Stansted Airport

Birmingham Airport


Sweden: April 1st

Åhléns City

Åhléns Östermalmstorg

Åhléns Mall of Scandinavia

Åhléns Uppsala

Landvetter Airport

Arlanda T5


Norway: May 1st

Steen & Strøm


Karl Johan


Germany: March 1st

Europe Passage


Switzerland: March 1st

Sihl City


USA: March 1st

Spring Street

Avenue Of The Americas

WTC - Westfield

Columbus Avenue


Hong Kong: March 1st

Times Square


South Korea: March 1st

Mokdong Department Store

Parnas Mall 


Singapore: March 1st

Chevron House


Finland: March 1st