Blog Post - Monday December 31, 2018



We’ve always been about getting our vitamins. Now we’ve gone next level, adding more plant-based nutrients to our freshest menu reboot. We’ve also teamed up with friends at Rebel Kitchen (In Europe) and Cocojune (In the US) to give us some more tasty options, packed with all-good things (that also happen to be dairy-free and vegan, yas). Read on for pro tips and a few menu hacks...


Our newest plant milk for your coffee fix is Rebel Kitchen’s Mylk, which makes one seriously creamy and frothy latte. It combines coconut cream with cashew nuts, brown rice and pink Himalayan salt. Importantly, it’s an all-natural source of healthy fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Rebel Mylk Joe & The Juice

PRO TIP: a flat white with semi-skimmed Mylk is a match made in heaven

*Rebel Mylk available in our stores in Europe



In partnership with Rebel Kitchen and Cocojune, our Joegurts are now made with a vegan coconut base that come in two flavours: The Natural Born and The Sweet. The yogurt has a soft tanginess that’s like natural yogurt and is made from coconut meat for that creamy texture.

Potassium and fibre? Check. Lower in fat? Check. No refined sugars? Check, check, check.


Now we’ll pass the mic to Lilly, head of new product development at Rebel Kitchen:

Lilly: When cracking open our young green coconuts to bottle the water, we saw nutritious meat had started to form inside, which had always been wasted in standard processing. 1.5 years of innovating later and in true Rebel spirit, we’re now pioneers in using this ingredient in a yogurt. It’s also lower in fat and calories than any other coconut yogurt on the market.

PRO TIP: add-on chopped banana for extra fuel


Together with a small, local raw bite company from Copenhagen, we’ve developed a great-tasting, healthy vegan snack named Raw Bite. All 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free.

It combines the crunch and bitterness of raw cacao nibs, flavour of orange oil, texture of dates and sourness of the raspberry coating. Break me off a piece of that. PRO TIP: Raw Bite is the perfect side kick for your coffee


Two former-favourite green juices just came back for an encore. For those with a sweet tooth, Green Haven is made with pineapple, spinach and apple. Young Blood with celery, lemon and apple is smooth, simple and refreshing.

Feeling super virtuous? Try our signature juice Joe’s Identity, made with cucumber, kale, broccoli, spinach and lemon.

JOE's Identity

PRO TIP: Add a dash of ginger to your Joe’s Identity and thank us later.


Want to go fully dairy-free and vegan? Here’s how to go off-menu to unlock some tasty protein shakes with our JOE & THE JUICE x PUORI plant protein collaboration.

Re-Build Shake

Normal menu: banana, avocado, chocolate almond milk, and plant protein

Vegan twist: turn this into a vegan protein shake by removing the avocado

Choco Shake:

Normal menu: raw cacao, banana, chocolate almond milk and vanilla milk

Vegan twist: taking out the vanilla milk will make it vegan. Replace with a scoop of plant protein for extra nutrition 

You can also turn any menu item into an add-on for a juice or shake. Our favourites are: turmeric, ginger, mint and pineapple

Choko Shake

PRO TIP: If you need a caffeine fix, add a shot of espresso to your Choco Shake