Blog Post - Friday December 21, 2018


Art & Design has always been a vital part of our DNA, so it was only a matter of time before we started to collaborate with some of the world’s best interior designers. Our relationship with Jannik of Tapet Cafe goes way back, when Jannik was commissioned to re-furbish the homes of Joe’s COO & Retail Director. There was a clear synergy in tastes which later led to Jannik, along with this team, especially Helene Blanche (creative director) and Karen-Lise Yde (Interior Decorator) creating a bespoke Colour Manual for Joe & The Juice using exclusively Farrow & Ball paints, which are used in all of JOE & THE JUICE stores. This then led to JOE & THE JUICE partnering with Jannik, Helene & Karen (along with the rest of the Tapet Cafe team) to re-design our new concept store in Hellerup, Copenhagen.

We sat down with Jannik, Helene & Karen to learn more about the collaboration and their colourful journey. 

Jannick Tapet CafeenPhoto: Jannick

How did your relationship with Joe & The Juice begin?

We have over a period of years worked together with the people behind Joe & The Juice. We have done several interior design projects for them – supplied colors & furniture – soft interior solutions of a fine residential character. Throughout these years, we have founded a solid and very inspiring business friendship with Joe & The Juice. This good business friendship gave us the opportunity to create the color manual, which guides the colors that are now being used in all Joe & The Juice stores around the globe. Our good experiences about working together on the color manual, gave us the chance to decorate this new flagship/concept store in Hellerup, outside of Copenhagen.

Joe & The Juice HellerupPhoto: JOE & THE JUICE, Hellerup 

What’s your interpretation of Joe & The Juice?

We think Joe & The Juice has a young and very energetic vibe. There is a sort of fun and exciting atmosphere and always the feeling of a healthy, relaxed and creative spirit. Almost the mix of an exotic bar and a funky health / fitness club.

Joe & The Juice Hellerup, store sketchPhoto: JOE & THE JUICE, Hellerup - Store sketches 

What’s your favourite juice?

Uhh, difficult question. There are so many delicious juices. But Green Shield is an exceptionally beautiful green juice, and it is healthy and taste really good!

Why did you become an interior designer?

We have over decades (since 1974) created a design house of patterns and colors – a world of interiors, focusing on bespoke handcrafted furniture, beautiful lighting as well as wonderful wallpaper and fabric designs. We are deeply passionate about this, so our deepfelt passion for colors, patterns, beautiful materials and good craftsmanship, is our ‘why’.

What makes your approach to interior design unique?

We always start from the beginning. Each client and each room is unique. We take our point of departure in this uniqueness. We don’t follow trends or look at “what is new this season”. We try to create a unique and real look for each and every client. Furthermore, we only use quality materials and the use of very skilled craftsmen and women and we do not want to compromise on this.

Karen & Helene tapet cafeenPhoto: Karen & Helene

What inspires you?

We are inspired by art, colors and archive prints – modern and old. Contrasts and beautiful solutions. We love to see something new and become inspired. We love to mix and create beautiful patterns, colors and rooms – almost like a super Juice.

What’s the process that you undertake for a project like this?

After first meetings with our client on site – we brainstorm and source furniture and complete the overall look including colours, textiles, pattern, furniture, lighting and even art. In order to make our ideas visual, we create a digital mood board and hand drawings of the rooms we decorate. This is a way to show our idea and world of soft interior. A way to display the handmade craftsmanship, and also to separate our part, from the more architectural part of it. The mood boards and the drawings help the client to understand exactly the path we want to go.

Jannick & KarenPhoto: Jannick & Karen

What inspired this store?

We studied the room thoroughly. The shape of the room. The light in the room. The existing assets of the room and its floor plan. We then decided which atmosphere we wanted to create and what mood we wanted to create for guests visiting the store. We took our inspiration from a traditional French hotel lobby, however with a mix of fresh colors creating a new look. The idea of using the back end of the store as a wintergarten/orangery/conservatory came when studying the floor plan. The floor plan consisted of one large room, but we could see that the room needed some parting into more rooms in one, in order to make the store more interesting to visit and in order to create a store where guests would love to stay and hang for longer time. So we created a warm and welcoming main room by the entrance as well as a fresh and crisp oasis in the back of the store.

JOE & THE JUICE HellerupPhoto: JOE & THE JUICE, Hellerup

What are your 3 favourite items/details from the store?

We love the panelled walls framing the stylish wallpaper. We love the detailed bespoke windows and doors in the wintergarten/orangery/conservatory which gives a historic and tailored look. And we love the bespoke mosaic flooring, which is very unique and its pattern is designed uniquely for this Joe & the Juice store. 

JOE & THE JUICE HellerupPhoto: JOE & THE JUICE, Hellerup

What are you most proud of in this store design?

We are proud of the tailored, rich and colorful look. There is a serious feeling, but the very light and tasteful color palette creates a contrast to this, and therefore the look is fresh and playful, rather than heavy.

JOE & THE JUICE HellerupPhoto: JOE & THE JUICE, Hellerup

What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring interior designer?

One piece of advice would be to always follow your passion. Stay interested in seeing new materials, patterns and new design. Keep looking for new inspiration. Do not compromise on quality.

Thanks for taking the time!

My pleasure.

Now, go check out the amazing decor in our newly opened Hellerup store. We promise it will look good on your Instagram ;)