Blog Post - Tuesday August 21, 2018

Rue Verte, where it all began

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Given that we opened the first Joe & The Juice inside Rue Verte, the most iconic interior design store in Copenhagen in 2002, it was inevitable that our stores interior would be shaped thereafter. The combination of Italian designer furniture and Nordic cool created the living room vibe that would become our signature. Since then, we have gone through various design stages, some less fortunate, some award-winning, but we always had a desire to push the boundaries for what you would expect from a juice/coffee shop concept.

To celebrate our origin and the fact that Rue Verte, 16 years later, is still the coolest interior design store in Denmark, we met up with Co-founder and owner, Michala Jessen, to ask her a couple of questions.

Who is your favourite designer?

The three designers behind the British brand Ochre has always impressed me with their sense of discreet glamour, and lately I have fallen in love with the French designer Christophe Delcourt . Also, the Danish company Overgaard & Dyrmann is really inspiring with their passion for traditional craftsmanship

What inspires you?

I get influenced from as many different directions as possible - hotels, restaurants, people, fashion, architecture, nature - and then interpreting it all in my head. Hopefully the outcome is my own personal and timeless style

What makes your approach to interior design unique?

I try not to read too many magazines in order to stay true to my own path. I try not to be too influenced by momentary trends that come and go.

What would you want to leave as your legacy?

Hopefully we in Rue Verte can inspire people to dare to go against trends and "must-haves" and trust in their own personal style. Not to be too brand-focused but look for aesthetics and quality.

How did your relationship with Joe & The Juice begin?

Kaspar Basse is an old friend of mine. He was looking for a location to launch his ambitious idea, and we were looking for someone to be part of our idea of a complete concept store. For us, having Joe & The Juice in our store means a less formal atmosphere, and a more lively feeling for our selves and our clients

Why do you think people go to Joe & The Juice?

Many people want to be more healthy and they also want to save time. Put these two things together and you have Joe & The Juice. On top of that Joe And The Juice gives you the feeling of being a part of a social Club. What's not to like :)

What’s your interpretation of Joe & The Juice?

I don't think it made a difference whether Kaspar had chosen to focus on healthy fast food, fashion or something completely different, he would have succeeded anyway. It all lies in his approach to the company culture. The whole "Living the Brand" -idea runs through the entire company and makes everybody, guests and employees, want to be part of the success

What does the name of your store mean? Why did you name it this?

Rue Verte means "Green Street". The name of the street where we once were located. Not very original :)

What’s your favourite juice?

Everything fresh and healthy. Maybe Joe's Identity.....


So, if you’re ever in Copenhagen, remember to stop by Rue Verte at Grønnegade 11. We’re still in there as well, juicing it up for the thirsty guests!