Blog Post - Thursday March 16, 2017

The Concept Store!

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Selcuk Yildirim

It's been a while since we did a blogpost, but this event has been underway for so long that it deserves a bit of recognition.

We just recently opened our first concept store in Copenhagen, with some cool new additions to the menu. For the first time (some would say), do we have a full breakfast offer on our menu. These are:



The Joegurts are homemade and carefully put together so the sourness from the soured whole milk is neutralized into a more sweet and creamy outcome. The sweetness comes from the added fruit and elderflower that brings a characteristic flavor compared to other sweeteners. The creaminess derives from avocado in association with the soured whole milk and these ingredients are included because of the many healthy properties of both. These perfect breakfast meals are concluded with the crunchy granola, coconut flakes and fresh blueberries.


The Sweet



The Natural Born

natural born 


The Passion 

the passion



Egg’s for breakfast is a tradition in almost all cultures therefore we also wanted to include it in the JOE & THE JUICE breakfast style. The soft-boiled egg’s is perfectly cooked and comes with delicious organic toasted rye bread which is topped with organic butter, avocado or cheese. The combination of eggs and toasted rye bread makes up a healthy and delicious breakfast which offers the most vital nutrients to feel satiated for a long time.

eggs & avo


Stop by and say hi at Sankt Annæ Plads 13, Copenhagen! We're open from 07:00 every morning.