Blog Post - Thursday January 5, 2017

New Year, new challenges

Posted by
Ryan Vincent

Four months ago I arrived in Nice, France. I was going to help optimize a market that have had some difficulties. More so than any other places in the world I’ve worked. 

France is a country where adapting to a culture has more value than the average person might think. My experience has acquired knowledge beyond my original perspective on this project. 

A project which was supposed to be four months, have now changed in the direction of being a longer period in the French Riviera. 
With the addition to the changes also comes greater responsibility. I have been empowered with trust to build the French market of my own starting with new stores entering 2017. 

What JOE & THE JUICE as a company can offer for young dependent men and women is unlimited yet life changing. Choosing your attitude is the path you will follow. Simple but true.

The culture we have built is beyond strong and what the upcoming years has in store will truly be revolutionary. 

The opportunities I have been giving is a great reminder of hard work and staying focused can bring you far in life. At the age of 24 I am genuinely happy and at the same time living a dream. I am grateful for all the support I have been giving in the people believing in me.

To sum up my time in JOE the last year and half, I have been giving opportunities no company in the world could offer. Opening and optimising markets from DENMARK > SOUTH KOREA > SWEDEN > SWITZERLAND and FRANCE.

I'm here to takeover and not just take part.


Peace out and stay safe.