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Since 2002 JOE & THE JUICE has been supporting children’s education in West Africa.


Education is one of the most important drivers of development, yet there are still many children and young people who do not attend school or have access to proper education. Every time we open a new JOE & THE JUICE bar, we also sign up a sponsorship for a child’s education. In the year of 2016 we are now sponsoring 181 children in Benin from infanthood all the way through their education.

We work to enhance the opportunities of children in West Africa to bring them a safer upbringing and a brighter future, aiming to extend the feeling of being somebody special, and build hopes and dreams.

Now we will go further and do our first expedition to Benin. In 2017, a team of the right juicers will travel to the country to find out what Joe & The Juice can do to support youth development going forward.

We’re looking for the right six juicers to join the expedition fall 2017.

Benin is one of the poorest places on earth with the most potential for growth. And we want to support this potential.

We believe that with the right passionated people, we will find some amazing possibilities to help build dreams for the children of Benin.

The expedition journey begins before you step foot on the plane to Benin. It will demand time and preparation.

Together will Børnefonden there will be two boot camps to prepare you for the groundwork and build you up as a team. One in May and one in September this year.

Do you want to be part of this team and build dreams? 

Tell us about yourself. Describe the key elements of what makes you want to participate in this expedition, what is your goals and key drivers. It’s up to you, how you tell that story. Show us your best, make a difference and so much more.

Send your application to csr@joejuice.com before the 30th of march 2017.
Remember to attach your juicer number. 

The team will be announced 14th of April 2017.

Much love