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Clarence: The Squat!

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Hello again!

So in my previous post I gave a quick and short introduction of what I would be posting and myself. So today it's all about squats!

There is just about a 117 (to state my point) different ways to do it. It's all about what do YOU feel is comfortable, where should you place your feet for maximum outcome, when do you feel like breathing in and out? Of course without injuring yourself. Every person on the planet is build differently. That's probably why there is no "blueprint" on how to get bigger or stronger. It's all individual. So here is how I like to do my squats.

First of all, I make sure my belt is tight enough, I like to use a belt because it helps me keep my lower back in correct position and it holds down the air in my stomach for a bigger pressure, during the exercise. Then I place myself underneath the bar. If you don't get underneath it, like you’re in the top position of the squat, chances of injuries are very high, as the kilos add up on the bar over the time.

So when it's placed on top of my traps, I breath in and rack out, followed by 1 or 2 controlled steps backwards till I'm in the position I want to be in.

I then place my feet in a 30-degree angle in opposite direction. Next step is the eccentric part (the way down). I make sure my back is as straight as possible and lower back NOT bending, while I try to get as low as possible, without breaking form!

Then on the concentric phase (on the way up) I make sure to push my knees out (same direction as my feet are pointing). there you go, a squat! Again, this is how I do it, so you might have a friend or know somebody doing it in a different way and that's not wrong! It's all about what works for YOU. But here is how I do it, hope you can use it. (I have 135kg on the bar in the video.)

Enjoy the video!

Clarence Squat from JOE & THE JUICE on Vimeo.


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Peace out!