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#MeetJoe in Arlanda

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Ryan Vincent

#Meetjoe in Arlanda

In my two months in Stockholm, my main project was to train up a new management team and build up the entire operation from scratch. I’m very happy to see the progress that’s been made in such a short time.

I'm back in Copenhagen for a short time, but soon I’ll be living in France for a longer period of time where I have been assigned to a new project  - this time the French Riviera in Nice.

We are currently in the process of a big global expansion and that means new career opportunities for young guys who are dedicated and passionated about JOE & THE JUICE. I started as a regular juicer and have worked my way up throughout the years. Now it's all about me giving these guys the guidance and tools to develop into the best they can be - thinking what was the impossible is indeed the complete opposite. 

Meet some of the guys I’ve been working with in Arlanda Airport: 

Meet Alberto Fernandez - Trainee in T4

Hello buddies,

My name is Alberto, I’m 19 years old, born and raised in Stockholm. I’m a guy who loves to live life and experience as much as i can!

During my years I’ve been working with various jobs. I have never really had a dream job, but when i got to work at JOE It all started.

I started at Joe in Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, where I got into the Joe Family really fast. It felt so different compared to the other jobs I had! After the first three days I felt "this is really something for me”. The guys I worked with are awesome, they taught me everything. Because of them I started to realise how big of an impact JOE was to me.

I would like to thank the team that were there when I started - thank you for a great time! 

Currently I am in Arlanda T4 as a trainee where many of the guys are experienced. The atmosphere and the instant rushes really pushes me to become better. It also helps when the team spirit is high because you can be better and grow together - it makes everything so much more fun. 

Joe and the Juice is a passion and it's an awesome company, every day is a challenge and I love it! My goal right now is to become an International Juicer and travel the world with JOE. Those opportunities JOE gives young guys like me is amazing - I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Thank you for reading, I hope even more young people wants to be part of something as cool as Joe & The Juice!

Meet Gustaf Leffler - JQ in T5

Hi there!

I’ve been called many names here at Joe, some really nice and some more confidential hehe. The most commonly used though is “Leffler”. Music has been a big part of me all my life, I studied far up in the northern woods of Sweden for “Session musician” playing the guitar. After two years of mistreating my arms, I headed south to start at Joe & the Juice!

The first days at Joe got my eyes up, not only for the radical juices a company can make, but also the concept of something more than a transaction between the salesman and the customer. Rather than being bricks in a wall contributing to the industrial being, coming to a Joe store is an interaction where we care about the individual.

When the guys from Denmark arrived I understood the opportunities that there are in Joe. They also showed that you’re quite free to make changes in the bar, to make it into a home for both guests as well as us dudes. Most importantly though, they brought fun to work! If making sandwiches; make it rave-style. Juicing; make it rave-style. Doing e-smileys.. You get the deal.

I’d like to rap it up with a big hug to all of the guys at Arlanda and an even bigger to the guys leaving, we’ll miss you! 

//Gustaf Leffler

Meet Filip Mauritz Olsson - International JQ

Hey, my name is Filip Olsson and i'm a international juicer at Joe and the juice!

My joe career started at mall of Scandinavia in Sweden. I've had some different jobs before joe but they never lasted. The moment I stepped in the newly opened bar and met my new coworkers, I knew that this was my place to be. So this became the first job I ever stayed more than a month at.

After a while I felt like stockholm and Sweden wasn't the right place to be at. So I decided to move to copenhagen and of course I was going to bring joe with me! So I began working in copenhagen airport. It was one of my greatest experience to live and work there. The joe atmosphere is insane there! 

When I've been working there a while I got offered to become international and of course I took it. Since then I have been traveling and having the time of my life. After I'm done here in Stockholm I'm going to sydney to start up joe there! Looking forward to put joe on the Australian map!

Mauritz out!

Meet Oskar Bergman - New Shift Manager in T5

Hi, my name is Oskar and I’m one of the two new shiftmanagers in Arlanda Terminal 5. I am 21 years old and have been working here for almost nine months. 

I recently finished my shift manager training and with the rest of the new management team we are going to turn T5 into the best bar possible.

For the last two months Ryan has been here to help us to get back on the right track. A lot of changes has been made and we as a team has restructured almost everything and the bar does not just look a lot better, it is a lot more fun to go to work now and all of us really appreciate it.

Big thanks to our international juicers Kaspar and Filip as well for all the help. My goals for the future is to travel with Joe and The Juice to other countries and to evolve as a person and to be the best i can be. And hopefully have a blast at the same time.

But right now I will keep on working hard and gain as much experience as possible. And take every day as it comes.

See you out there..

//High Tower

Meet Julius Nilsson - New Bar Manager in T5

Julius Nilsson, 23 years old. I’m the boss of Arlanda Terminal 5.

Sport background from both hockey and football, after some health issues I put the sports on the shelf and started to weight train instead. Improvement, motivation and discipline is key for me, always looking to improve and be the best I can be.

I love the Joe atmosphere and the guys you’re able to work with at this company, almost never are you going to work thinking let’s just get this day past so I can earn a living. Everyday is new and different, always a new story to tell when you get off work.

I got the best team, everyone brings something different to the table. Nobody in my bar is the same and that’s what makes our team the best in Sweden.

Life is always going to be about challenges, Joe & the juice is the prime example of that.

Either you could wake up everyday, have a normal job, earn a decent living and have a decent life.. Or you could try and climb in JOE.

The possibility in this company is endless and ever since I’ve noticed that my goal is going for the top. If you got the discipline, the mindset and the hunger to get somewhere in life, what’s stopping you to reach that goal except yourself?


Meet Mathias Luttgenau - JQ in T4

My name is Mathias and I´ve been working at Joe for a full year now in both Terminal 5 and Terminal 4.

JOE to me is more than your regular 9 to 5, to be able to come in and work with the team that I have around me is truly a blessing and everyday is different from the other. Overtime you grow more than just a work relationship and needless to say I have formed a brotherhood with all my fellow juicers at the airport.

Sadly I´m leaving Joe for 6 months to travel the world, But when I return we are going to be working harder than ever on the pending world takeover. The team that was assigned to optimize Arlanda has given us a greater push of motivation and the changes that have been made has made a huge difference in how we operate around the bar and the everyday ambiance we have. All and all it´s been great having Ryan and the guys here.

As I said to the guys time and time again; We´re not here to take part, We´re here to take over.

Meet Niklas Hammerberg - Bar Manager in T4

Hello, my name is Niklas aka Nick Hammer

I've been working in JOE for about one year and eight months now and I still love it.

The awesome thing with working at an airport is that no day is the same, there is always new things, new people and the best new challenges.

I love the challenges and I always make sure I conquer them to move on to new ones. The latest challenge for me was to be a BM over in Arlanda terminal 5 and after 7 months as a manager when I moved on to T4 for new challenges.

Its a whole new team and the feeling is awesome!

For now I want to continue to work at JOE  and grow to make T4 to the best bar in Sweden.

Meet Andreas Lähdet - New Regional Manager of Arlanda

Whaats up, I’m a 21 year old guy, born on the border to Finland and raised in Stockholm and now living life to the fullest.

I started of as a Juicer for about a year ago and later became the Bar Manager of Arlanda T4 & now I’m working as the Regional Manager of the airport.

The team we have in the airport is like a big family and the fact that we’re all working together towards our goals just making work so much easier.

JOE for me is all about living a healthy lifestyle, and that includes having a great relationship with all the co-workers, having fun and of course our great products. With this attitude we’re looking forward to all the daily challenges instead of running away from them.

Getting the chance to be apart of this huge community is something I'll always be grateful for since I have made so many new friends and learnt so much new stuff that I will bring with me throughout the rest of my life.

I’m a big fan of traveling, even that big that I once quit working at JOE to explore the world with a fellow juicer for a couple months, gladly I had the chance to come back.

Next time I hope to get the chance of representing this amazing brand and traveling at the same time!

Project Arlanda - mission accomplished