Blog Post - Tuesday November 29, 2016

JOE & San Francisco

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Joshua Cruz

It was years in the making, and when October 2015 swooped in, Joe & The Juice took New York City by storm. It had always been a dream of Kasper Basse (CEO of Joe & The Juice) to expand to the USA with his one true love. After taking over Europe and Scandinavia it was now time to grasp onto the one dream he always had. And now as I sit here in a four-story house over-looking downtown San Francisco, I can imagine how proud he must feel that Bar number 6 and 7 are about to open both in the San Francisco International airport and in the heart of downtown on Market Street. What a dream come true!

Who would have thought that a small juice bar that started in Copenhagen, Denmark, would now have 7 locations on both coasts of the USA with 100’s more on the way in the new year. This has turned from a dream, something that was once unimaginable, into an incredible reality. But the success of this huge expansion owes its gratitude to the many people behind the scenes working hard to share our love for health, youth and making the world a whole lot cooler *cue loud house music*!

As I write this piece, the leader of our 6-man scouting team has gone off to scoop up Isaiah (another scouter) at the airport before we head out on our third day of scouting around San Francisco. Here at Joe & the Juice we don’t do things the way most would expect things to be done. As part of our hiring process we hold castings in search of new talent. You may be saying to yourself “Casting? Like, for models?”. Well I mean we are all good looking so yeah, I guess we are models. Juice Models! *Laughs a bit uncontrollably to myself*. All jokes aside, our castings are held to test the energy of the candidates we feel have the potential to do great things with us at Joe. It challenges these people to be themselves (because in our society you know how hard it is to be who you are). What’s a casting like you might ask? It’s filled with high energy, loud music, a lot of screaming (in a good way) and a bunch of juice and cups flying everywhere. Just imagine a college frat party minus the alcohol and bad choices done in the darkest room of the house.

As December 1st sits just around the corner (our set date for the first casting in Sunny California), our team of scouters are out on the hunt for the best and coolest people who reside in the Golden Gate city. Searching high and low from the groovy streets of Haight to the beautiful views of Delores Park. Approaching strangers as hopeful new juicers to our hugely expanding family. So, if you live in San Francisco and are approached by a stranger about a completely foreign company you’ve never heard of before, give the talk a chance because it could be life changing!

To sum it all up, San Francisco has been really good to us this far and we hope to ride out the rest of the week with the same drive and energy we always feel when searching for new talent and preparing for the legendary castings. So, stay tuned for an update on the rest of the scouting tour here in SF because I’m sure there is more excitement to come on the rest of this trip!

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Joshua Cruz