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Hi everyone! 

The opening of our first store in Sydney Airport is closing in and the dream team has been selected! They’ll be going to Sydney by the end of May and will be staying at the JOE-House down under.

Juicing, surfing, and BBQ’ing all daaaaaay! 

Say hi to the crew:


I’m 27 and grew up in Sydney. At 23 I left Sydney to explore the world and found himself in Norway. I met JOE in Norway and formed a great relationship which came to an unfortunate end when I had to head back to Sydney. As fate would have it, JOE has decided to conquer Australia and I left the corporate world to return to the fun and excitement that is JOE. 

Interests include Rugby and keeping fit, as well as enjoying a drink or two with friends.



I have been working at Joe & the Juice since April 2015. I started in Tivoli, and after 6 months I was sent off to England. Now I'm back in Denmark, waiting to be sent off to Sydney.



I've always been working in hospitality but since i joined the Joe family i've been having fun while doing it. To be able to work with people who become your best friends and still making a living out of it, is the best. It almost become's a dance when you smash those apples synced to the loud and great music!




Born and raised in Stockholm (Sweden) and truly a proud airport juicer from Arlanda terminal 4! Joe has been a part of my life since July 2015 and I'm now prepared to take the knowledge of juice to Sydney! Lets bring it on Aussie!



Even though I have only been employed at Joe & The Juice for 3 months I absolutely love it! I do a lot of CrossFit in my spare time, and I like the fact that I can connect my hobby and my work in terms of diet and nutrition. Furthermore, I like to work with ambitious people who contribute to a wonderful working atmosphere and who love to make people happy - Just like myself.



My name is Julian West, I’m 21 years old and I have been working for Joe & The Juice for nearly 2 years. During my time here in Joe, I have primarily worked in Waterfront shopping center, and have been the shift manger here since December 2015. Easy to say that this is one of the stores with the most beautiful location, best vibes and a rock solid team of juicers! It’s hard not to fall in love with this place.



The majority of my time in JOE I've met, greeted and entertained a great number of people from all over the world in CPH Airport. Now I'm looking forward to get to know the Aussies down under!



Hi, my name is Morten and I’ve been working in JOE for four years, where I started out as a regular juicers and worked my way up. I see myself as a team player, I’m structured with my work, and always try to bring a good energy – working should be fun. The reason I’m going to Sydney is that I’m in charge of all airport locations going forward. My mission is to get the project up and running, and implement structures that make the stores easy to run. Thereafter, I will leave the store to the local management and move on to the next airport project.



Hi, my name is Peter Smistrup! I have been working in the company for six years now, including doing everything from being a juicer to being the host of our Showoff! Currently working as International Swat.



I started working in JOE in 2013, at the airport where I had around 11-12 shifts before moving to Rue Verte (the first JOE bar). I became shift manager after a month (WASSUP!) and ran the store with Viktor Gabel, it was awesome. Soon thereafter, I started studying philosophy at CBS, but realized it wasn’t my thing and went back to full time in JOE.

After being manager in one of the busiest stores in Copenhagen, I mentioned to top management that I would like the opportunity to travel with the company, if possible. Luckily, it was, so after a couple of local projects, I’m heading to Birmingham Airport for 3 weeks, before going to SYDNEY!



My name is Theis Richter! To tell my story in Joe and the juice I have to go back approximately three and a half years, to when I was still in school. I began as a part time juicer and instantly fell I love with the company, the feeling and the JOE-spirit! I began working more hours and spending more time in my bar, not because of the money or because I didn't have anything else to do, but because of the fun I had working around friends! After a year and a half I graduated from school and began my training to become Bar Manager at our bar in Oesterbro.

For a year and half I was running the store at Oesterbro with a team that turned to be my best friends today! After some time at Oesterbro, i turned international, spending 2 months in London helping and working in our bar at Kings Road in Chelsea. Even though I was only there for 2 months I made friends with the best British guys I could imagine! 

And now I can only look forward for an even bigger adventure in Sydney, Australia where I will spend the next 6 months opening and branding our concept! I will be forever grateful for the possibilities Joe & The Juice has opened for me! 



Hi! I'm working at Joe & The Juice because I love the company culture and the network you get from working here. The team spirit and friendships are unlike any other place I've worked Those things, combined with the possibilities for a great career and a lot of responsibility, appeal well to my ambitions. 

Im going to Sydney to play a bigger role in the company!



Where to start..... My 5.5 months journey in Singapore/ Hong Kong as SWAT for JOE has come to an end. I can't say anything else than thank you ALL for being so welcome and friendly towards me. I will never forget you guys and this awesome country! I would like to write all the names on the people who has been there for me but there is just to many. You know who u are!! 

See you all downunder!



Hi i'm Jamie. I have been with Joe & The Juice for 3 years now. I have always loved travelling and experience the world, meet new people and build this brand that is so unique. 4 months ago my boss called me and asked if I wanted to go to Sydney, I didn’t have to think twice about that question, not even a second, so in just over a month I will be going to Sydney with the group of people!



I have worked in Joe for about 5 years. started in Copenhagen Airport as a juicer, and over the years I have been Bar Manager for one of the airport bars and a bar in Copenhagen. I'm now full time SWAT and it has brought me around the world to places such as Nice, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Oslo. Joe & The juice the best company in the world!

We’re gonna have a party in Sydney and can’t wait to meet you all there!

//Love JOE!