Blog Post - Tuesday March 29, 2016

Update from our S.W.A.T team!

Posted by
Marcus Alex Lohse

Wow, where do I even start? The last four weeks of my life have been so busy. Being back in Copenhagen for a week and then moving to Norway to live here for a year or more. That’s just the practical stuff, emotionally it has been one hell of a journey. I can honestly say that I have never felt better in my whole life, and I am genuinely happy.

Four weeks ago I met up at our Head Quarters back in Copenhagen in a small room with 9 other guys. I knew most of the guys from before, since we are quite close in the company juicer-to-juicer, but I had no idea what was about to begin, it was a in fact an adventure of a lifetime. 

In that week in Copenhagen we learned everything about coffee, nutrition and other parts of our culture and history. Just to give you guys an idea of what was going on, we were sitting ten guys in a VERY small room for somewhere between 12-15 hours every day. When you spend so many hours together, something fun have to happen. Somewhere between all the work, the learning, the fun and all the drinking something magical happened, we bonded. 

Sunday the same week, most of us traveled to Norway to try out a new concept with our Norwegian guys. The guys would stay in Norway for three more weeks. We ended up living together, cooking together, working together and partying together for the next 21 days, and it has been nothing but amazing. I am truly grateful, that I got to know all of these guys so well, and I will miss them now that they have all flown out on new adventures with Joe & The Juice. 

Somewhere in the middle of this period a smaller group of us traveled to London, to have the first ever Show Off in U.K.s history! Bringing the Show Off to yet another market is always fun, but that party grew into the most insane energy I have ever seen, at any Show Off before! I mean, there was a guy who spit fire? How insane is that? We definitely set the bar, of what to expect in the future!

We also had the first Graduation Day with the SWAT guys and Bar Managers in Norway. It was on a cold, but sunny day in Oslo, and we all went for a little dip in the freezing water. Every single one of our Norwegian vikings went crazy with this HELL DAY, it was hard but very fun!


For me personally, it has also been a whole new beginning taking on the Academy Leader position in Norway. The last three weeks I have been doing my best, to get to know all of our guys up here, and that has been a fantastic experience. I love going from country to country, and see how our guys just have this love for what they do, no matter where in the world it is. There is just something special about this company.

To wrap it up, I am the happiest I have ever been, and it is thanks to many different things. Starting new challenges in a new market, meeting new friends, getting to know old friends even better, sharing, bonding and growing with each other. This has been amazing, and oh, all the parties that we went to together! Lots of fun. It is amazing to be part of a movement, that stretches across the world and is only going to grow more and more. 


Until next time everyone… JOE JOE JOE JOE