Blog Post - Wednesday March 23, 2016


Posted by
Ryan Vincent


Hey guys,             

My partner in crime and I have arrived safely in Lucerne, Switzerland. It has been a great trip so far! We are living downtown Lucerne, approximately a two minute walk from the first JOE & THE JUICE store, in Lucerne.

We had a successful opening Friday the 18th, at the Central Station, also called ''Bahnhof Luzern’'. Lots of people with international background, turists and surprisingly many young Danish kids, came to visit us. 

My first impression of the Swiss people has been very positive, along with the team I have been working with! Everyone has a great personality and they are all humble and eager to learn. 

The atmosphere and energy in the bar is of the hook, and the responds from our guest makes our new JOE bar the new place to hang out.


With the spring coming up, the landscape of Lucerne shows why it’s a fantastic tourist spot! The lake and alpes along with the classical buildings, makes the city one of the most beautiful places i’ve been to. I certainly don’t complain, and knowing that I have to live in Switzerland for months, makes the whole experience even more fantastic!

Life is great, I’m living the dream!  

//Ryan Vincent Torres