Blog Post - Thursday March 10, 2016

Small update from Hong Kong!

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Daniela Aagaard

A small update from the other side of the world!

Monday last week we had a visit from DK and SG. A lot of meetings and things to do, before we finally could start planning the Airport opening in HK. Such a big project, in such a short time. But everything started to come together, and I am so excited about going back to work in an airport!
It’s probably the toughest place to work, and your days gets totally twisted around. Your normal day rhythm isn’t possible to keep in any way, while working in an airport! Still it is the most energizing and exciting place to work. All the different people you meet from around the world, the speed, the intensity and most of all the ambience out there, that's what I love the most about this company!

So, to all of our customers at CPH airport, that’s why our music is a bit higher than at our other stores! It makes us work even faster than normal, so we need it to get your products made as fast as possible - course we know you have a flight to catch.
I just hope that we can get it busy in HK airport as well, so we really can show everyone in HK and rest of Asia how we work best.

Well, it was great to see the guys from DK and SG, and of cause we also got a bit time to get a good dinner and some drinks while they were here. There is always time for a drink, aight?

At Times Square we keep getting new guys and all of them are working really hard, to make this airport project happen. That’s why we planned on going out Saturday, to get the guys together outside work as well and to show them how to party the Joe-way. We started Saturday night with our famous Show Off video, even though I’ve seen the Show Off video and all the other videos a bunch of times, I still get goosebumps every time I see them. I’m really proud to show everyone who we are, and how far we’ve come. But still be able to have fun and enjoy life, while we keep getting bigger! As the saying, work hard - play hard! 

Afterwards we went to a club called Boujis, we got permission to bring our stickers with us, as long as we didn't put them everywhere at the club. So we didn't! Instead we only put them on the guests, but suddenly there were stickers all over the club. Everyone else went crazy with the stickers, and I’m sure that everyone who came to Boujis that night, knew Joe And The Juice, before they left! The guys seemed to have an amazing night, everyone enjoyed to be out for a change. All in all a very successful week!