Blog Post - Thursday March 10, 2016

Back in DK!

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Ryan Vincent


First of all, it's great to be back in Copenhagen. Last time I was home, this long, was six months ago. It’s been a while, but it's definitely great to be back. 

You know when people say they’ve had the best year or best month? I can guarantee you, I've had the best WEEK ever, since I can remember. 

I got together with a group of ambitious and talented guys, not to forget a FUN group to be around. It was an intense experience, but I have never gained so much knowledge, in such a short time. Knowledge, I am excited to share along with my international projects. 

Not only was it a big learning experience, but sitting in a meeting room from 08:00-23:00 somedays, you can’t avoid having some outbreaks of laughter. I haven’t laughed this much for a long time, but this is thanks to the unique character of guys, who have made it all worth it! 


Here we are as instructors, at the JOE & THE JUICE Graduation Day:


TEAM Dinner at Pippo’s place! BEST NIGHT, hands down...


A lot of the guys are now in Oslo, Norway doing what they do best. 

I promised, that I would get back to you with a new project I had planned. I am excited to tell you that, I will be going to SWITZERLAND in the beginning of next week. We will open the first Joe & The Juice store in the beautiful city, Lucerne.

This is a bit more special for me, since I will be reunited with my Korean partner in crime, Emil Balthzer. This is a guy who I have learned so much from, and I'm excited to be by his side once again. 

I have only heard positive things about the Swiss team that will run the show, I’m just waiting to get started! 


//Ryan Vincent Torres