Blog Post - Tuesday March 1, 2016

Project Sweden is done!

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Ryan Vincent

So... Three months in Sweden is completed and it's time to do my farewell..

Overall, everything has been fantastic and a exiting time for me I must say. Looking six months back with opening the first market of Joe & The Juice in Asia, and to go back to Scandinavia has been a great learning experience personally!   

I can feel the project in South Korea helped me in the right direction, no doubt! My boys Esben Mou, Lasse Weber, Emil Balthzer and Dan Sverre plays big part of my growth and success in Sweden. 

I’ve come to the point where I feel confident in my skill-set, knowing I’m good at what I do best.

My last week have probably been the fastest one, knowing in your mind that you have to go home soon. Before this was going to happen, I had the pleasure of going to Stockholm to catch up with my superiors. We agreed on a plan, for the upcoming months. I’m genuinely excited about the next projects, but you’ll have to wait a week or so before I’ll let you know, so stay tuned! 

Dinner at Boqueria in Stockholm. Pic from left to right Frank, Dan, Emil, Ryan, Kasper & Tom

Along with my personal development, friendships have also come along. Even though it's hard to say goodbye to people you have been close with, you gotta move on to the next project. True friendships however always last, no matter where in the world you are. The team of Gothenburg have made my three months the best possible, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 

I had the pleasure of having the whole JOE team of Gothenburg together for a dinner at Ottomania, which resulted in a party afterwards (of course). This is definitely a night to remember and it was a perfect goodbye with the guys! Everyone came together and the positive vibes were of the hook! 

Not quite the best hangover though...

I personally haven't had the feeling of being the absolute best, but it's the absolute best feeling when a handfull of guys comes up to you and says ’'I wanna be like you’'. 

I’ve won when I can inspire young guys, who want to be like me and do what I do. They make me realise even more, how cool of a lifestyle I have. Basically I’m living the dream, all of a sudden it's not just about doing a great job, it becomes much more than that. Humbleness will get you far, but don’t hold back when you’re feeling proud and happy with what you have achieved! 

Do you want to be better at something, anything even everything? Raise your standards, challenge yourself and just do it. The only one who can hold you back, is yourself! 

Sweden & Gothenburg you have been good to me. I appreciate the fine hospitality from every single one! THANK YOU, I’ll be seeing you on the other side! :)

//Ryan Vincent Torres