Blog Post - Wednesday June 15, 2016

It's not about the coffee

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Izak Hyllested

A little update on the coffee side of our company. New things are happening all the time - that's what keeps us going!

Right now we have three initiatives that excites me beyond usual. One of our most important principles is the passing of knowledge to all our juicers. I am the Head Of Coffee, but I started in the bars - this ensures that I have the necessary context to take decisions that will empower the juicers in reality, instead of just working on paper. It also brings us closer together and form a bond that goes beyond teacher-student. 

The first initiative is Coffee Bandits - a social association of all juicers with a common desire to develop themselves in the diverse field of coffee - and having a blast doing so. The first chapter in what is to be a global internal network of coffee experts with sick social skills, is writing it's first pages as you read this.

Second initiate is still a working title. Right now we call it 'The Elite Program'. It's a separate coffee training program only for our high velocity stores. The whole crew is attending various engaging workshops and receives bespoke equipment to show how seriously we take this - the first couple of bars is completing the program right now. I'm really excited to see the result.

The last one is 'The Palawan Program'. Some of our juicers want to improve their knowledge and skill in a certain subject. It's not always relevant for their position - but you simply can't put a price on knowledge, whether it's directly relevant or not! We want to build a youth culture and that also means giving our juicers the chance to grow as individuals by expanding their knowledge base. It's a self tuition program that can be tailored to fit any subject. The core philosophy is to facilitate the right knowledge to build both skill and mindset.

We are looking at some new espresso machines as well - but the sun needs attending too!

Stay tuned for even more coffee-related content on this blog very soon