Blog Post - Monday June 13, 2016

The Joe-tapes: DJ BOB

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For the first “JOE-Tape” we have selected our own Patrick Engbo, from the retail department. His mix tape is now available on the official Joe & The Juice Spotify profile. Link in the bottom of the page!

But first, here's a short introduction to this month mix tape composer: 


Why the name DJ Bob?

Well, if you know you know.


How long have you been in Joe & The Juice?

4 years in a lot of different positions. I started as a juicer behind the bar in FIELDS and then proceeded to Fisketorvet as manager. After that I became part of the first generation of SWAT’s, whose main purpose was fixing the issues in daily operation.

Before moving to London as Country Manager, I spent time at the office in Copenhagen, focusing on gross margin management. Now I’m par of the retail department. It’s been 4 interesting years!


Where do you normally find new music?

I can spend hours searching for new music online. Normally I use Soundcloud, Beatport, and music blogs. Discover Weekly on Spotify can be surprisingly good as well.


What’s your favorite track on the mix tape?

Probabaly Heartbreaker by Crazy P. That track evokes certain emotions in me. I like when there’s a several layers and a development in the in music. Like with classical music, it should tell a story.


The mix tape is your chance to promote a less-known artist. Who did you choose?

I went with Eli Escobar. He’s been around the New York club scene for the last two decades, but he’s not very well known outside the US. The three tracks I put on the mix tape are all from his album Up All Night. Its on Spotify, I urge everyone to check him out.


Which tracks almost made the cut, but had to be left out of the mix tape?

Solomun – After The Rain and Booka Shade – Body Language. Two classics I really like!


Looking back, is there a track that you wish you’d put on the mix tape?

YES! Ten Snake – 58 bmp. Don’t know why I forgot about that one.


Any suggestions for this summer biggest hit?

I don’t listen to mainstream music. Joking! I would say Barbara – Tag Min Hånd (in Denmark obviously) or something new from Frank Ocean if he ever gets around to releasing a track.


Last question, your candidate for best electronic track ever?

Tiesto – Adagio For Strings.


Thanks Patrick! Here's the link to the mix tape, enjoy: