Blog Post - Monday January 25, 2016

Vive La France!

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Monday, monday, monday. Monday is the best day of the week. Especially when the weekend was as amazing as it was. We had our very first Latte Art competition in France, and all the guys impressed both Max and I (Even Izak our coffee specialist was impressed), so that itself was really positive. What was even cooler was to see the energy we had as a team. Our french team might be very different from the guys we know as juicers back in Denmark, but they are just as much Joe as anyone. They really love the company and the culture, and they are not shy of showing that either.
The competition itself was amazing, with the whole team competing and most of them making some beautiful latte-art, I could not help myself of being a little proud of them. Tom, Murph, Izak and Johan all flew in from Denmark to be a part of the event, and to see the guys performing in front of them had me feeling like a proud parent. The best part must have been the final, which was between our Bar Manager Tristan and our newest juicer Darin. They took of their shirts and competed man-to-man, and Darin surprisingly came out as the winner and was declared the first Latte Art Champion of France. The night ended with a big party in High Club in Nice, and the guys got to see me a little drunk for the first time, so all in all a great night!
Until next Monday - Vive la France!