Blog Post - Sunday January 10, 2016

2016; The continuation of 2015

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Ryan Vincent

After spending the holidays in Copenhagen with family and friends, I am now back in Gothenburg with renewed energy! 

It was great spending time with loved ones and being able to participate at the JOE Christmas party with all the Joe & The Juice family I haven’t seen for months. As always the Joe parties goes off the hook… 

When you’re young and exploring the world, you don’t really notice how fast time actually passes, but its important that you don’t take anything for granted!  Make sure EVERYDAY counts and have FUN!!! YOLO 

My cousin Marcus Alex Lohse who I haven’t seen for almost six months is now living in Nice, France where he is supporting the first store. 

We used to see each other everyday but as we don’t live in the same country anymore it was special catching up in the holidays! Three years ago he used to be my Bar Manager in Denmark and now we are both in different countries helping the JOE brand expanding!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy this growing company, and what I want to share with everyone in Joe & The Juice; There are no limits for what you can achieve, if you truly want it you’ll get an opportunity, its difficult to turn down.

The last half of 2015 has been fantastic with Korea and now Sweden - I am forever grateful for what I’ve learned and most importantly, I can feel my own development regarding work and general life perspective.

I have a couple of months left in Gothenburg and I enjoy every single day with the guys. The boys have taken in, a good amount of what I’ve tried to teach them, and its great to see progress. If you are in Gothenburg, make sure to drop by one of the stores - we will take good care of you and you’ll leave the store with an awesome JOE experience! 

I am ready to take on 2016 and continue where I left off! 


//Ryan Vincent