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Becoming a New Yorker

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Becoming a New Yorker with JOE & THE JUICE

It’s been almost 6 months since I arrived in New York to begin my new adventure in JOE & THE JUICE! 

We have now opened our first store on 67 Spring Street and we’ve been taking very good care of by all the locals in Soho.

Either you are born a New Yorker or you become one! Since the first option is out of the question, my plan is to become one. I believe this will benefit myself and JOE & THE JUICE.

Work is one thing, but building a life here is another! Many of us have probably already watched the show “How to make it in America”. A show about two guys trying to build their company in New York. New York is about the Hustle, Networking and Hard Work! That’s how you get your respect and get your street cred to become a real New Yorker!

Being a New Yorker is about knowing where to eat, drink, party, shop, and meet new people to build your network! Everybody here is about that game. 

For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about the best spots in New York to go eat, drink, shop and hang out. A little insiders guide about how to hustle your way to court side seats with Jon Grey, Get a table at the coolest restaurants, where to shop and of course hang out, party and just enjoy life! 

This time I’ll take you to some of my personal favorites here in NYC! 



There is a lot of really good spots in New York for Breakfast! But, but… If you are up for going to Brooklyn, then grab the L train to Bedford and take an 8-9 min walk down to Five Leaves in Williamsburg. Go on a weekday. The wait on weekends is too crazy! 

It’s worth the commute though. Grab the Moroccan Eggs and the Ricotta Pancakes. Best breakfast you’ll ever have. Thank me later! 

(Five leaves)



Another one of my favorite spots is Jack’s Wife Frida in Soho. It’s right around the corner from our JOE shop on Spring St. I usually grab lunch with Aleks, and we always get the Couscous with Chicken Kebab! There is always a wait and unless you know Jack’s wife, you have to wait like everybody else. Still trying to figure out how to hustle my way to our own table.

(Jack's Wife)



Red Rooster in Harlem is more or less one of the greatest and most significant cultural experiences you can have in Harlem. You’ll get to experience the funky Afro-American culture up close with a twist of modern New York. Grab some dinner on a Friday night, late night booking around 10.00pm. The Vibe is always great at that time. Loud music, busy waiters, but great service! Ask to get Evelyn to serve your table. 

Get the wings, Mac n Cheese, Ribs and top it of with the lobster!!! 


Marcus Samuelson, the famous Swedish chef, owns the restaurant, so there are a couple of swedes working there. After dinner, hit up Ginny’s (The night club they have downstairs) Ask for Selim, and tell him you are from JOE! That should get you right in.


(The crew at Red Rooster)

Now get the f*** outta here! (Italian accent) I’ll be ready with some new suggestions soon!