Blog Post - Tuesday January 5, 2016

Welcome to Singapore!

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Where to start…. Welcome to JOE SINGAPORE. Once a week you can read about the JOE-life of me and the rest of the team, and about in Singapore. I am Ibrahim Adam Mansaray & my danish colleague is Jamie Jones, we are representing JOE & THE JUICE in Singapore.

Singapore is a small city-state with a population around 5.5 mil and 60 times smaller than Denmark. So what do you do in Singapore? just build higher. The growing economy makes Singapore into a “city that never sleeps” and there's always something to do from early morning to late night, so this is a perfect market for JOE & THE JUICE.


It is all about holding tight and enjoy what this city has to offer with all the different cultures, religions, foods and wild nightlife. This is going to be my life the next 4 months! Are you ready?!!

The Start:

The first couple of weeks has truly been amazing. Singapore's open arms welcomed Jamie and I since day one. It is surprisingly easy to adapt to the Singaporean lifestyle, we are met with interest and respect from the people around us. Also, did I say that this is my first time in Asia. It is awesome to see such a small country run itself with tight laws and financial strength. 


The Store:

The Grand Opening of the shop which is located in the financial district in Chevron House, Singapore, went very well, there was a lot of interest in our brand and we were happy to give some knowledge to our guests about what we stand for. 


The Team:

The guys here in Singapore are super awesome, they are hard working, honest and always in a good mood, which makes Jamie and my Job so much efficient. 

We are one, we are Joe!!