Blog Post - Friday February 26, 2016

First JOE-HOUSE signed!

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Its a reality!!!

As part of our expansion all around the world, we've found the first (of many) JOE-HOUSES to accommodate our traveling juicers! FREE OF CHARGE BABY!!!

After finally signing the lease this week, we can reveal more details about the project and a first look at the reconstruction of the house.

The house is located on 1120 Willoughby Ave, near Jefferson St. in Brooklyn. The area is known among locals as JEFFTOWN, and viewed by many as the "new" Williamsburg. There's lots of warehouse parties and cool bars within walking distance. Honorable mention; Roberta's Pizza, the world famous pizzaria is basically in the backyard. Best part - its only a 20 minute commute to downtown Manhattan!! LETS GOOOOO!!!

If you were wondering, the pink dots are the stores we're gonna be opening in 2016. As you can see, there's easy access to everywhere on Manhattan with the L-train directly from the JOE-HOUSE.  

Here is a street view of the house (and our homeboy, JOE-blogger, Kevin V):

Heres some pictures of the current reconstruction process:

When redone, the house will have 8 separate bedrooms, 4 toilets, 3 bathrooms in two levels. All in all the house will be 3000 sq ft (300m2) and have a large shared kitchen area and terrace for hanging out and bbq'ing.

If you see yourself as one of the juicers who should be given this amazing opportunity, stay tuned on the blog!! We'll be updating you with more details about the JUICER-PACKAGE we're putting together. It will be freaking amazing!