Blog Post - Monday February 22, 2016

Last monday in Nice!

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Marcus Alex Lohse

Monday. The last monday I will spend in Nice. Five months have flown by, and it is almost time to say goodbye. As I have mentioned earlier in other posts, I was initially going to Switzerland after this project. Well, the plan have been changed, and I will be going to Norway instead, to work as an Academy Leader with the rest of the amazing team we have in Norway. This is of course very exciting for me, to get a chance to take on a challenge of this size. It is also something that I have worked incredibly hard for, and I can not wait to get up there and show what I have to offer. We will have to see how that goes, but I am confident it will be going well. 

There is a simplicity to this company. A simplicity that gives any juicer a chance to develop personally, and to build a career among people who love and worship what they do. So I can just say to all of our juicers, as well to future juicers, that if you have a good portion of ambition, and a will to work your butt off, there are no limits to what you can achieve. It is just about getting started.