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#meetjoe in Göteborg

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Ryan Vincent

#meetjoe in Göteborg

Another week has come to an end and I am now within my last two weeks in Sweden. I was sent to Gothenburg in November last year to optimize both the mangement team and also the bars that comes with it. My time is almost up and I think it's fair to say we’ve achieved postive results together so far! 

One of my absolute favourite things about my job is getting to meet new people and it never disappoints. Cultural experiences, friendships and work combining with everyday life is simply a cool lifestyle and it fits me perfectly. I have been working closely with this group of special guys that has deserved acknowledgement for their hard effort towards Joe & The Juice. 

Enough said!

Let me introduce these Swedish gentleman from Gothenburg:

Simon Fridlund, Bar Manager in Landvetter Airport

Who am I?

TJENA. My name is Simon and I'm 21 years old. I played hockey until I was 20 so that's basically what I have been doing all my life. Other than hockey I’m really into food and wine! I started at Joe & The Juice almost two years ago and I've been working as a BM at Landvetter airport for 8 months now.

Favorite juice: 


Why I like working at Joe? 

I like to work at Joe & The Juice because it's a great concept in a cool and relaxed atmosphere. I like it because it gets me a similar feeling as when I'm with my hockey team. We're a great team at Landvetter and it inspires me to lead and help the group to great results. In November 2015 the team and I won the best service restaurant at the airport. I'm glad & proud to be a part of this cool company. 

Martin Sjölin, Bar Manager in Kungsportsavenyn

Who am I?

Yo! My name is Martin and i'm 22. I am a workaholic that likes tattoos, beers and clothes. I started as a juicer in July 2015 and just finished the training of becoming the new Bar Manager at Kungsportsavenyn in Gothenburg by the Asian Brad Pitt, Ryan Vincent.

Favorite products:

Broc'n'roll & Heartbeet

Why I like working at Joe:

The atmosphere is great. I get to serve healthy products to all kinds of costumers, working in a cool environment with a cool team, the good vibes of music and the social partys that comes with it. And most of all the opportunity to "move up" fast if you’re doing good hard work. I’m always have a big smile when I go to work, because I know im gonna have an awesome day at Joe.

Philip Wong, Bar Manager in Östra Hamngatan

Who am I?

Zup! I'm Philip Wong. I'm 22 years old and kind of a sports freak. I've been playing ice hockey since I was 4 years old and I spend a lot of my spare time to watch and read about sports. I've been with the company for 2 years now, starting out at Landvetter Airport as a juicer in 2014. Stayed there for one and a half year before we opened up the first bar downtown Gothenburg in the summer of 2015, and I've been working as a Bar Manager since. 

Favorite products?

I would probably have to say Fibre Active (+ more avocado). It's a good juice to start the day with and not starve all morning! 

Why I like working at Joe?

What I like the most is to meet so many different people everyday. You can always chat for a couple of minutes with the customers during the slow hours. I also like challenges and the responsibility the job comes with. It can be everything between helping out strange customers trying to making weird orders, to solving structure difficulties and to the total ‘chaos' in the bar after a long super busy day. Good effort at Joe & The Juice is always appreciated. You get to hear when you do good stuff for your bar or for the company overall. That, is the most important things and that's also one of many reasons why it's fun to work at Joe. When I wake up in the morning, I know that I'm not going to a boring ass job. I basically just have to put a smile on my face, bring out the best person in me and be nice to people! 

Joakim Höynä, Regional SWAT - Göteborg

Who am I? 

Yo, my name is Joakim and I’m 23 years old. I’m a guy that likes tattoos, coffee and Liverpool. I started at Landvetter airport as a juicer in 2013. After some months I moved to London and worked as a Bar manager in the Regent Street store, one year later I was back in Sweden, this time in Stockholm. Same position, different bar. After almost two years as a Bar Manager our Country Director asked me if I wanted to move back home to Gothenburg and work as a Regional SWAT. ''Waah Ofc mate'' was my answer, a Gothenburg kid doesn’t really belong out in Täby, Stockholm. ;)  So now I’m back and I’ve been working as a Regional SWAT for a year now. And I do love it!

Favorite products: 

Juice: Go Away Doc, that’s a classic juice and it has been my favorite since day 1 (add a bit of lemon to it, that will blow your mind).

Sandwich: Avocado, It was the first sandwich I ever tasted and it’s the best because you get more avocado on it, and I can’t really get enough of fresh avocado. 

Coffee: Well, a Cup of Joe in a purple cup with a splash of cold milk in it.  

Why I like to work at Joe:

First of all I like Joe because of the great products. I also have in mind that Joe really take care of younger people and get them out in the work world. I remember how they took care of me in the beginning and now I’m doing the same to the young new guys who works for us.  To have the music turned up high and deliver a good service with nice products and perfect quality that will make the costumers leave with a big fat smile on their lips. That motivates me and gives me the Joe' kick that not a single job in the whole world can give you.  

Thats why I love to work at JOE!