Blog Post - Thursday February 11, 2016

Winter came to New York!

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Kevin Veng

Winter came to New York

It didn’t seem to be one of those winters with ice cold weather and a lot of snow, since we had 21 Degrees on Christmas Eve, which was pretty incredible. 

Until… a couple of weeks ago when the snow storm came!

Friday was pretty mellow and most of us didn’t know what to expect. It seemed like most New Yorkers was over exaggerating the whole storm. 

But, Saturday came and we went to the shop to open up.

Of course a lot of snow came and we was like - Ahh, this is alright. But it kept going on for the whole day and slowly things started to shutdown. Trains, busses, no cars allowed on the streets, stores closing etc. Most of New York became a ghost town.

We closed early and ended up doing a little event with some of our friends. 

Waking up sunday was pretty amazing tho! It’s cool to see a city like New York covered in snow on a beautiful sunny day. 

After doing this weather report. Of course I’m still going to be the “hook up” here in New York on where to go, what to do and how to Hustle. 

This time I’ve taken out a couple of my favorite Asians spots across the city. I think New York and London might be one of the only places outside Asia, where you can find Authentic Asian food. Unless it’s at someones mamas house. 

But let me hit you with a couple of special places. 

Xian’s Famous food

This place I got recommended by one of my good friends here in New York. He accidentally passed the place on a random Tuesday afternoon when the line outside was crazy. Only Chinese in line waiting to get their grub on. You it's good when only locals are queuing outside.  


So I had to go check it out, AND IT WAS THE BOMB! It’s Southern Chinese, I guess, and its some of the best I’ve had in a long time. Easy, simple and Cheap!

They actually got several locations across Manhattan. 

Go get it! 

Mission Cantina

This place is pretty awesome, I went a couple of times and you get some pretty decent food there. They’ve been poking fun at NOMA's experimental kitchen tho’ but we like it. 

Last week I went with Aleks to try out a couple of things from their menu. The concept is a mix of Chinese and Mexican take away. They’ve taken everyones favorite take away and turned it into something even better. 

Again, this place is affordable for just grabbing a quick lunch or dinner, It won’t break the bank. 

Weekdays are pretty slow and you usually get a table right away… but the vibe on weekends are definitely worth it, even tho it can take a while to get seated.

Angel’s Share

A speakeasy Cocktail bar in East Village, that has been hidden inside of a Japanese restaurant. The food there is not that good. So don’t try that!

But look for the red door on your left when you come up the stairs. You’ll meet a pretty crowded cocktail bar. There is a wait to get seated, since you cannot just hang by the bar. 

But get a table, try some of their seasonal drinks. It’s some of the best in NYC, but pretty pricy! So stick to a couple. 

I’d end the night at The Box. It’s in the lower east side, so if you are ready for a night to never forget hit it up. Go ask for Giza, tell him you are from JOE & THE JUICE or else you won’t get in without spending them dollars!

Next week I’ll try to get a little deeper into some of the best sneaker and clothing shops around New York. 

Be good!