Blog Post - Wednesday February 10, 2016

More from the Show Off (also, last month in Sweden)

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Ryan Vincent
We are now in February which means I have less than a month left in Gothenburg. Time passes by fast when you have fun and last week was the most fun i’ve had in this year so far... 
First off, I got together with the Bar Managers of Gothenburg and SWAT, Joakim Höynä along with the Academy Leader of Sweden, Emil Möller. 
With our jobs requiring a lot of time we haven’t had much time to spend together, but last week we had a great team dinner! Danish smørrebrød :)
Also thanks to Selcuk (Head of Nutrition) for coming to Gothenburg and hold a very interesting workshop! 
With that being said, some might remember that I have been talking about SHOW OFF 2016 lately, and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend back in my city of Copenhagen! 
I kinda knew what to expect therefore I was ready for the night to get CRAAAZY! Approx. 300-400 juicers attended and as always Joe & The Juice creates an atmosphere only JOE can create. The 10 participants are probably the BEST we’ve ever had, hence the insane level of competition! We had guys flying over from France, Switzerland, Sweden and UK - YES, just because of the SHOW OFF! With our CEO attending he always surprises the competition with giving large presents for the winner and he definitely topped it this year. It was announced the winner not only would get a pretty trophy and a travel giftcard but 100.000 DKR for the winner to celebrate with his bar in an exclusive nightclub.. 
As always it was great being back and meeting all the Joe colleagues and celebrate a good time! 
Congratulations to my best friend Aleandro Karipidis, the winner of the JOE & THE JUICE SHOW OFF competition 2016!
Until next time
//Ryan Vincent Torres
Full photo set from the event! "https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1190759347619407.1073741834.116454305049922&type=3"