Blog Post - Tuesday February 9, 2016

On to the next one!

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Marcus Alex Lohse
Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
It is Tuesday again, and I am back in Nice after a short weekend trip to Copenhagen. I have three weeks left in Nice, before I head on to a new adventure in Zurich, Switzerland. Five months go by so fast, when you are having fun. I am very happy and grateful to work in a company with a position that allows me to travel and experience as much as I do. I admit, in the beginning adjusting to a new culture and country was hard, but after a short time I felt how much I learned and grew as a person. France is filled with exciting and life-loving people, and they have influenced me positively both personally and professionally.
Next up is Switzerland. That is going to lots of fun. Opening a new market is always great. You get to present all that is JOE to a whole new group of people. This, of course, is also one of the reasons it means lots of hard work, but it is worth the hustle.
I am going to miss the atmosphere in the south of France, and all of the cool juicers we have working here, but I can’t wait to start with a new project. It’s a sad goodbye to what I know, and a big warm welcome to the unknown.