Blog Post - Thursday February 4, 2016

100% Sustainable & organic coffee

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Izak Hyllested

JOE & THE JUICE is all about doing things our own way.
 We never settle for textbook solutions and always strive to design the best and most efficient products possible. 
But we are actually not about the products anyway - we are about people and interactions.

We want to engage with like-minded people in everything we do - that is what got us here and what will get us to where we want to be.

Because we have a huge and very clear ambition - we want to create a place where anybody can feel like somebody special. A place where every link in the chain is valued and no one is forgotten.

We are really proud of our unique coffee bean and exited to share the interesting story about why and how we made it.

The bean is from Honduras, it’s grown in the Subirana Azul Meambar region, 1300 meters above sea level. The bean is produced and processed by the locally owned cooperative Cumisuyl. The 140 members of this small cooperative is setting new standards in sustainable coffee production and processing. They own the first wet mill (process plant) powered only by sustainable energy, solar power during the day and locally produced
bio fuel during the night. Here is the part of the management behind the unique and truly inventive farm.

This is a huge step towards stopping the deforestation in Honduras caused by the excessive coffee production - and we are really proud of
being a part of this. Furthermore the bean is 100% organic.

Our beans are roasted to the darker side of the spectrum. This will yield a powerful and complex espresso with hints of chocolate and ripe fruit.

So pop in and try it - either as a powerful espresso or a silky smooth Yellow Latte!

Stay tuned as we'll do a short feature film on the beans journey from Honduras to your coffee, in the coming months.


Over and out!


//Izak, Head of Coffee development