Blog Post - Monday August 15, 2016

Live from Arlanda Airport, Stockholm!

Posted by
Ryan Vincent


I have been living in Stockholm or to be more exact Uppsala the last month. I am currently working at our Joe & The Juice stores in Arlanda Airport as a Project Leader. 

This is the biggest project I have had personally and also the first time I've been assigned to an Airport. Surprises are good and challenges are even better. With more responsibility also comes an opportunity to show what your really made of. Together with all the guys we've been pretty productive and it's safe to say that the changes being made has been beneficial for all of us.

Other than that I have moved in with two fellow International Juicers, who I'm working with at the Airport. They are going to San Fransisco & Sydney to open up our first Joe & The Juice stores there! The house is a real man cave and everyday is our own party. The location is also good, we live 30 minutes from the Airport which is perfect. 

Meeting all these guys and helping them to the right path is all I could wish for and no doubt it makes my stay in Sweden the best experience possible. It's a pleasure to see progress being made everyday while having fun!

I have been on the road for almost a year and the lifestyle of meeting new people while developing myself is all I could ask for.

Peace out// 

Ryan Vincent Torres