Blog Post - Tuesday April 26, 2016

Meet JOE in Switzerland!

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Ryan Vincent

Hey party people,

This blogpost will involve the SWISS team that have lived and trained in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately I wasn’t in DK while they were trained in the JOE spirit. Credits to the team in DK! 

I have lived in Switzerland for some time now and it's great to see the guys still enjoying working for the coolest company in the world. This team are pioneers of the Swiss JOE & THE JUICE market and deserves acknowledgement for bringing our special culture back to their home. It's a pleasure and honor calling them my friends. 

A month more and I will move to Zurich where our second opening will take place - Sihlcity. From what I’ve heard we will get a lot more traffic in the store because it's located downtown.

We still have a lot of sightseeing to do and might even go to Milano, for an extended weekend as it's only a couple of hours drive away.

Anyways, lets get to know more about the guys!  

Alessio Koen Esposito

Who am I?

Hello I'm Alessio from Italy. I majored in International Sports Science Associations and I’m a certified personal trainer. 

I’ve been living in Switzerland for nearly a year and got the opportunity to work for Joe & The Juice. I'm really glad to work here.

My JOE experience in Denmark and Switzerland?

It all started with five boys and myself going to Copenhagen for training.

It was a great experience because I went to Denmark without knowing anybody, we met there for the first time and we shared good experiences together.

I have to say that I didn't imagine to meet such good guys.

The training in Copenhagen was very helpful, and getting to know the history behind the Joe & the Juice concept. It was the best way to learn the key points before opening up in Switzerland.

All the people working there was very kind with me and thanks to them, I could improve my skills day by day.

I want to thank Mads Geppel and Thomas Rendboe, for the fun that we had at Magasin and of course Salim, Nicola, Ary, Ian, Martijn and Daniel together we made a great team! 

As we got back to Switzerland we had to arrange the opening for our first store in Luzern (Bahnhof).

In that time I met two special guys, they are still training us and we are also building an amazing friendship together. Thanks Ryan & Emil!

The team is very good to handle all situations and we rock at work everyday.

The Joe & The Juice Concept has the best healthy selected products and gives you a lot of possibilities, and at the same time making you feel comfortable and familiar with our incredible POSITIVE AMBIENCE. 

That's the feeling we transfer to our guests.

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Ian Lancelot

Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Ian I’m a fulltime Juicer and love every second of it.

Before getting the job as a Juicer in Joe & the Juice, I had no idea what the future got planned for me. Thats how everything started.

My JOE experience in Denmark and Switzerland?

I got this amazing opportunity to work & live in Copenhagen for 3 months, we met a lot of people and were taken into the Joe-Family from the beginning. Eventually I got to participate in the Show-Off, representing Switzerland, unfortunately I sucked! But little did I know how good the others were, and I’m training hard at the moment to step up my game for the next Show-Off! Copenhagen was a great experience, and I can’t wait to go back. 

Back in Switzerland our team has bonded even more, and we were ready to open in Luzern. Finally we opened the first Joe & the Juice in Switzerland, with our two buddies from Denmark Emil & Ryan, who have been doing a great job here. Every moment has been amazing since the opening.

I’m so happy to be part of the first team in Switzerland!

Nicola Paolini

Who am I?

Hi my name is Nicola Paolini, I’m 22 years old and I’m half Italian half Swiss. Born and raised in Italy, I left home when I was 19 to "explore" the world and spent two years as a student in Germany, USA and Switzerland. 

One of my biggest hobbies is music. My father used to be a DJ, I grew up listening to his CDs and mixes; he transmitted his passion for music to my brother and I.

I love fashion, I like to be well dressed and always be the "freshest" in the game. ''Remember to stay classy Nico’’ - Emil :) 

I also love traveling, explore new things, cultures, food, art, different ways of thinking and meeting new people. It's something that grew on me after I left home for the first time not as a "tourist". 

I have met many people from different countries and with different cultures. I learned a lot from each of them, and this made me more curious and eager to see/learn as much as possible.

My JOE experience in Denmark and Switzerland?

Joe & The Juice was completely new to me, after I got told what J&TJ was about I decided to apply as a Juicer and now here I am.

I think that J&TJ is the manifest of the young world. People are doing their jobs as a lifestyle and at the same time having fun with everything they do, something you probably don't see often nowadays in other companies. Having been in Copenhagen for three months as a part of the "first" Swiss juicers was incredibly exciting. Danish people are really nice and friendly, all the guys helped me getting better and better everyday. I'm really thankful for the experience I had in DK, it helped me grow as a person (tusind tak!).

Here in Switzerland things haven't changed, the spirit is always the same and high. We are having fun together and developing at the same time; it's also great to have Ryan and Emil with us and helping us to get better in every aspect and keeping us motivated.

The first opening in Luzern has been great so far, we're all looking forward to the next opening in Zurich. Hopefully it's gonna be even crazy than Luzern.

Work hard play hard: that's our motto!

Yes, we really worked hard to become good juicers in a short time. But as I see it now, having our own store here in Switzerland, with all the local guests loving the concept, the food and having fun with us - IT'S THE BEST FEELING. It makes me proud to be part of this company.

Salim Mzee


Who am I?

Sup! I'm Salim aka 'The Face', the one who always wears a smile and infects you with the good vibes.

My JOE experience in Denmark and Switzerland?

Back in Copenhagen I was trained up with the best guys, I started to call them family after four weeks. The great experience helped me to become the best version of myself and getting better each and every day. Being able to spread my work ethic all over Switzerland, with an amazing team by my side is all I could dream of. Coming to a place where you meet up with cool guys and having fun behind the bar can not be called work, it's just FUN! The takeover has come and we won't quit, we're just getting started!

Much Love!

Ary Bowers

Who am I?

Hi I’m Ary, the cool guy, the allrounder, the trustworthy and the man in charge. 

I’ve been working for Food & Beverage for over a decade, where I started working for Starbucks as a part time Barista and became a Store Manager after 3 years. Now I’m very happy to lead this fantastic Team from Switzerland, and we’re ready to serve you the freshest juice, the best coffee and the most tasty sandwich ever.

My JOE experience in Denmark and Switzerland?

Even though I’ve been working in this industry for that long, I still learned a lot in Denmark. The bonding with such a team is incomparable. It feels like going to work, is going home. The place where you want to be, the place where you feel safe and warm with laughter and a lot of good vibes. And to deliver this amazing feeling to the customer, is my pleasure. Bringing this ambience to Switzerland is great. We definitely gonna rock'n'roll! Happy to be part of this great company!

Thanks for reading, I’ll give you an update again soon :) 


Ryan Vincent Torres