Blog Post - Monday April 25, 2016

JOE-House NYC almost done!

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Whats up guys!!

Our JOE-House in NYC is ALMOST complete and ready to accommodate our troops traveling the world. While we wait for the furniture to arrive, here's a few 3D illustrations of how the house will look inside. Its going to be amazing! Playstation, flatscreen tv, lounge areas, everything you could want in your home, while staying in one of the coolest cities in the world.

Living room with large sofas, flat screen & chill corners and a spiral staircase going up the eight bedrooms.

Second living room with access to the dining area.

Next week, we'll have all the furniture in place and will be able to give you a real tour of the house. We'll also be able to reveal where else in the world we've signed JOE-Houses. Its going to be crazy!


Have fun out there