Blog Post - Monday April 11, 2016

Caffeine and Culture

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Izak Hyllested

Travel, interactions, spreading love, communicating the brand, building personality, having experiences, meeting new people.

We love to travel, meeting new people and add even more fantastic experiences to our portfolio. We want to preach what we practice to every soul on this earth - one interaction at the time.

This week La Marzocco invited us to be part of The True Artisan Café experience at The London Coffee Festival - a platform where different internationally renowned coffee brands can showcase their skills.

For 4 days a year an iconic location is transformed into the most ambient gathering of coffee lovers, prosumers and industry folks that anybody could imagine. The agenda is simple - anything remotely related to the magical substance that is coffee!

I touched down in London quite early and made my way to the festival - I was blown away by the frames that Allegra managed to set up this year. The brewery was buzzing with thousands of people all on the same mission; to be amazed by the progress of the diverse industry!

The Coffee Festival, for me, is about meeting new people, expanding my horizon and hopefully making some key realizations! Being part of the community is what keeps me going.

We designed a new signature drink to serve at the festival. We tried 27 different ideas. Some were quite good and some were straight up undrinkable! We ended up with Joes's Green Kick. Fresh avocado, espresso, vanilla milk and banana. The result is an exiting combination of milk-shake, coffee and our favorite fruit avocado!

The evening was spent with the boys from Bewley's - drinking beers and talking coffee.

On Saturday the big guns arrived. Frederik Brandi, Adam Faxe and Frederik Holch who are all part of our social club, The Coffee Bandits, were flown in to host the event with me. The event was fantastic and I'm beyond proud of the boys.

All-in-all the week was fantastic - see you next year LCF.

//Izak Hyllested