Blog Post - Thursday October 29, 2015

"Countdown: Two weeks left in Seoul!

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Ryan Vincent
At this moment it's all about making memories with this beautiful country and give everything we've got! 
As a team and individuals we've accomplished success in opening the first JOE & THE JUICE in Asia! Great chemistry from the start and building friendships outside of work has had its positive effects.
"Teamwork makes the dreamwork"
Our guys have reached the stage were they can be independent and doesn't have to rely on us. Their working morale is an absolute pleasure to be a part of and it's something I'm going to miss very much! 
Anyhow, we've had an extra day off which we spent exploring Seoul's landmarks as tourists. We got to see some temples and the number ONE must see "War memorial of Korea".
Open since 1994, the museum brings great and rich history of the North and South Korea relations from 1945 following World War II today.
A very brutal war and still sentimental topic as of today..
Do you know why they are separated as two countries and not as one? 
(Statue of Brothers)
After today's work we went to the 236m Namsan Tower (highest tower in Korea) and celebrated our project leader aka mr. Weber's 25th birthday (26 Korean age). 
The food was great, the view was amazing but the company was even better! These guys are definitely going to make it big sooner or later. 
(From left to right: Esben Mou, Ryan Vincent, Dan Sandstedt, Emil Balthzer & Lasse Weber)
Only two weeks left in Seoul, however a new project and new adventures awaits.."