Blog Post - Thursday October 22, 2015


Posted by
Emil Lüth

Two weeks have gone since we introduced the New Yorkers to their new favorite juice bar, and 'wow' is the only word that pops up in both minds, theirs as well as ours. The way habitants, tourists, workers and skating renegades of SoHo have welcomed us is overwhelming! Also from a business perspective they've already helped us get past a number of expectations and hopes, we as juicers had for our store.

Every single day has been better then the last and we truly enjoy so many new faces on the other side of the bar counter. And cheers to the growing number of loyal customers who have already found their new favorite hangout spot. Whether it's for chilling or business meetings, they come here for their daily Joe fix. 

In the future we will try to introduce you guys to our favorite loyal customers and their story. Stay tuned!-