Blog Post - Monday October 19, 2015


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Ryan Vincent


(Picture with my Mokdong partner Emil Balthzer. Everyday we sit in the train for 3 hours but its worth it! Well deserved shoutout as he has been a great mentor and close friend since our arrival!)

Less then four weeks left in Seoul and the time is catching up as far as getting to miss the moments we’ve created with our Korean colleagues.

From start till now its been the ultimate experience for me, new friends, personal development and creating the first market in Asia for Joe & the Juice. Couldn’t really ask for anything better, right?

The best part is seeing the Korean juicers getting along with us, the customers and each other. They simplify happiness by having the time of their lives behind the bar and living without regrets. To put that smile on their faces everyday and still being able to develop their performance as a person and by work - man, you feel you have accomplished something great! Even greater is their dream of one day becoming Bar Mangers and maybe even SWAT in Joe & The Juice. 

As we’ve learned since getting here, there has often been some miscommunication and this is due to their so-called ‘engrish' and ‘konglish’. What is it exactly? Well, its their way of speaking English. Some letters they can’t distinguish, fx R and L as well as P and F -  they either switch them up or don’t know to pronounce the letters. An example: If I want to order rice it becomes "lice", I if say ‘make one Joe’s Passion’ they will make a Joe’s Fassion. Small joys in life like these is something wealth never can buy!

We spend the weekend beautifully in Sinsa/Gangnam where we enjoyed an outstanding dinner with the company of Sim, Park and Soo - they are all managers and one day might be ending up as the KEY people of Joe & The Juice in Korea.

Thanks for reading!

// Ryan