Blog Post - Sunday October 4, 2015


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Opening Day October 1st was sick! We had a blast and so did SoHo (I hope). We look forward to serving you all day until 9pm New York and throughout this past weekend it seems as if you have enjoyed us too.

A pretty decent set of New York's coolest influencers also came by for a juice and a cup of Joe. Having fun with them we thought to get them out on the town for a minute with their favorite Joe-product. You should've seen people on the street - they turned from regular pedestrians and pendlers to street paparazzi's. Quite fun! Check it out on top.

Also it being weekend time, did you see us out on the town? Our jobs as heroes, or juicers, at daytime you must also be able to be the same at night. So we were. Captain Garnell handled 20 boys out on the town perfectly, cheers for hooking us up with New York city's finest three days in a row.

There's a gallery on our Facebook page if you'd like to see CEO Kaspar Basse get tattoed along with much more great imagery. Enjoy opening day video below. We are so very happy to be in you!