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Career Spotligt #1

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sadSo I guess it all started when I came home from a couple of months surfing on Bali in 2011. I moved to Copenhagen from Svendborg where I am from and needed a Job before I was going off to CBS. I hadn’t been in JOE & THE JUICE a lot of times before but it looked like a cool place to work and it would probably get me in touch with some people that had the same interests as me.

After applying for the job and getting Pippo on the phone saying that he wanted to see me in Bremerholm for a job interview, I started at the ACADEMY lead by Pippo and Schyberg a few days later. They had a cool way of hyping us up and making us a team! But if I have to think back on what inspired me the most at that point was probably meeting Basse who came down in the basement to say Hi to us. I clearly remember Basse being with Thomas Evald who at that time was in charge of the franchise part of JOE in Denmark and explaining to us what franchise ment.

After our training in the basement at Østerbro I was assigned to the completely new bar; Nørrebro. Nørrebro was expected to be the same type of bar as Bremerholm as I can remember that we had to make like 10 bottles of pesto on the first day!! Unfortunately those 10 pesto bottles could have lasted the next 10 days. Having said that though, we had a great team and loads of fun!

Already in my first months of being a JUICER I thought back on the talk Basse gave in the basement about franchise.. Me, being half norwegian and having quite a lot of connections in Norway thought that it might be a good idea to let the head office know that i could be interested in Franchising JOE & THE JUICE in Norway. My career in JOE took a turn when I choose not to enter CBS as I had now become BAR MANAGER of the Nørrebro bar. I had also gotten acquainted with an old employee from the head office called Nourdine, whom I spoke to about my interests for JOE in Norway at a party we were at together.

A couple of weeks went by when suddenly as i was sitting on the metro, Sebastian our CFO called me up and asked if i was serious about the Norway talk I had had with Nourdine? My answer was of corse YES and a meeting with Kaspar Basse was set up a week after. I was quite excited about all this happening so fast and after we agreed on doing a partnership, we opened the first store, with me leading the team, half a year later!

At this point I was 23 years old and had been in JOE for a little over a year. As im sitting here at our office in Oslo with now 3 years of experience in Norway and opened soon to be 20 bars the only thing I can say is that i have at no point regretted the choice I took when I chose not to go to CBS. Time has gone so fast, I have learnt more than school could teach me and I have met people that I will hang out with for life!