Blog Post - Friday July 3, 2015

Career Spotligt #3

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I moved from Copenhagen to Aalborg 5 years ago, and after 6 months in the city with a lot of networking, I saw a shared post on Facebook, that JOE & THE JUICE would open in Aalborg and that they were searching for juicers to become a part of the opening and Joe-family.

I know JOE & THE JUICE a bit from Copenhagen, and I immediately wrote a short application to Jimmy Bach, who was the franchisee, opening the store in Aalborg. After a pleasant job interview I got the job as a part-time juicer because I was in school at that moment. 

I have been working in the hospitality business; clubs, restaurants, cafés since I was 15, so it was natural for me to go full-time when I finished school, and it didn’t take long for me to become the Bar Manager of the store.

Feb.2013 we opened store nr. 2 in Aalborg, and I managed that as well. I now had 2 “Key-juicers”, 1 in each store, to have the daily responsibility when I was not there.

Okt. 2013 I got the information that we were bought by a Swedish investment company, and things could go very fast if I had the ambitions of exploring the world and making career in the company.

In the summer 2013 I went to another smaller city, Esbjerg, to open a new store. Now things went very fast and within 5 months I had opened 3 stores and was now a Regional Manager in the north of Denmark.

Before I got to get my arms down, countries like Singapore, South Korea, France and USA came up, and at this time I didn’t hesitate 1 second – I was ready!

Now we have opened in Nice Airport, France, and in a couple of month we are going for The Big Apple, NEW YORK.  We are ready to take over the world!!

For me, the most important thing is to have a job that I love and look forward to every day. I have loved this job from day 1, and it just keeps on going. I have not one single day had a day where I didn’t wanted to go or where I had a bad day. Everyday, when I step into the shop my mind is clear and filled with nothing but love, pride and satisfaction. 

This job has given me so much and I owe a big thanks to Jimmy Bach who hired me in the first place and trained me into the leader I am today.

I have got some of my best friends in time who are now following me all around the world, and everyday for the last 4 years I have talked to so many exiting people, I have had the chance of making a difference for the people who came into my store and I have had the most fun in all time.

Now I get to travel the world, be challenged everyday and be a big part of the expansion in JOE & THE JUICE! What’s not to like?

This is not a job, this is a lifestyle, this is a family and this is an education in life!


- Frederik Leicht Løwe