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Career Spotligt #2

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-       Graduated from Aabenraa Statsskole in 2008 (STX / High school diploma)

-       From 2008-2011 I was in the Danish Royal Lifeguards in Copenhagen as a sergeant.


Joe & The Juice:

I started in Joe & The Juice in 2011, quite randomly, by getting a call, at that time HR responsible guy, Philip Finsteen (better known as Pippo) on a Sunday, were I started off next day at the former JUICER-ACADEMY at Østerbro, Copenhagen.

After 2 month as a Juicer I was offered a Barmanager position in Hellerup which I gladly took. Being there for almost a year I was moved to a bigger city-bar, Gl. Mønt, while I was Barmanager at Gl. Mønt I started doing all the events for a longer time.

These events have included some pretty cool experiences such as:

Dubai, London, Geneva, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Aberdeen etc.  Several fashion-weeks and sports events all over Denmark.

After being Barmanager and doing eventsfor almost two years, I began being part of the SWAT-team. After having four weeks in Stockholm as a SWAT, I was offered the Country-Manager role in Sweden, which is my current position.


My typical day:

It does not exist – which I appreciate big time!

One day I can sit on a flight to Gothenburg to meet a landlord about a potential new location, the next I can sit deeply buried in papers from suppliers, for right after to take care of a broken card terminal in Arlanda Airport.

You are responsible for building up your own organisation with Purchasing-manager, HR-manager, Academy-Leader etc. according to the growth of your market. I enjoy seeing people growing in our market, to see them develop and appreciate the unique way of working in Joe & The Juice.

Joe & The Juice is unique in almost all ways, which also makes your way of working unique and the people working here unique. If it takes until 02.00AM to finish the daily work, than it takes to 02.00AM, no matter what you were supposed to do, I like that way. You finish when you are finished.


My key-values:

-       Winner mentality

-       Work morality (Hard work does actually pay-off)