Blog Post - Wednesday December 2, 2015

Reminiscing in Nice

Posted by
Marcus Alex Lohse

Another week is coming to an end, but this one feels just a little bit different. This week marks the first two months outside a well-known comfort zone known as Copenhagen.

I am currently living in Nice, France, where I am working with our first store in the French market, and what an experience it is already. Living in a new country, with a culture I was not used to have been refreshing in a sense that is hard to put into words. Everything feels so meant to be, meaning that even though I wake up in unfamiliar circumstances, it is with a clear sense of direction of where I am going. It makes you appreciate all the little things that you maybe would not pay attention to back home. 

sunset in nice

Every day starts the same. I wake up, prepare myself for a new day, and as soon as I step outside my door, I see the sun shining on the French Riviera, and I can literally smell the ocean. It is hard not to be a little sentimental, because it truly is fantastic, but what is even more fulfilling is going to work to inspire these juicers who has experienced so little of the amazing Joe & The Juice universe. To give them a taste of what it is like to be a part of something that is so much more than just a job. So much more than just going to work.

When I as a 19-year-old student applied for a part time position in Joe, I never could have imagined, that just in a little more than four years, I would be working with something that I love as much as I do, in a place so far from home. And not only that; through Joe I have gotten to know some amazing people that went on to become my good friends, but more importantly, I got to know myself, and I got to see the potential I had, and I started to fulfill it.

All these things are flowing through me every time I go to work; I wish I could give them that. I want them to feel amazed about the place they are in right now, because this is just the beginning, it is just a little appetizer of what Joe is, and when they finally taste the main course, it is going to blow their minds.

nice team dinner