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Add money to your Joe App and earn points and rise to new tier levels faster! If you add funds to your Joe App account, you earn points twice!

how does joe money work?

Add joe money to your app
Add as much Joe Money to your app as you would like. Check out the point conversion rate in your market by clicking here!
earn points by adding the funds
Points will be awarded at an exponential rate. Adding more Joe Money at a time will earn you more points exponentially
earn points by using your funds
Points are also awarded as usual when using the app. Whether you use Pre-order, Scan & Pay or Delivery.
Start adding funds!

what is the rate in your market?

200 DKK
200 points
500 DKK
600 points
1000 DKK
1500 points
1250 DKK
2000 points
1500 DKK
2500 points
2000 DKK
4000 points

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download the app and start earning points today!